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Godly Love Toward Colored Babies

A couple years back now I discovered my attraction to black/colored babies. It is like my heart melts and  is filled with joy anytime I’m around one. 178 more words

Lydia House

Song of the Day: Lynch. - OBLIVION (+mini review)

My favorite track of GALLOWS. The overall album is pretty good, sort like a continuation of EXODUS. Though I would have preferred a EP instead of a full length album so they can pour out memorable quality songs rather than make mediocre ones for the sake of putting out more. 33 more words


Pre-Draft Evaluation: Buffalo Bills

I don’t know. It’s the Bills. Every player besides C.J. Spiller is a debated waiver wire pick up from week to week. E.J. Manuel might show some promise this year, but I really doubt it. 393 more words

…you’ve been a bloody God send though, couldn’t have asked for a better guy to help us out and I hope you get everything you deserve mate, I really do!
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Twin Peaks (Pt 2)

Twin Peaks again, I really like the imagery at the Black Lodge and decided on a little tribute. Watch out for the blood splash it becomes a recurring theme in my stuff (I like how it looks here, more rich, more wet).