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Man in China steps into "royal rumble" to save the day, maybe goes a bit too far【Video】

What would it take for you to jump in to save the day? How bad must the odds be before you would try to put a stop to a decidedly lop-sided fight? 512 more words


White Supremacy, Emasculation, and Othering: An Anthropological Perspective: Part 2

Before I begin analyzing the photograph, I find that it is my personal duty to provide the names of the two males who were lynched. Abram Smith and Thomas Shipp were both lynched on August 7th, 1930. 622 more words


Florida activist: Legalising same-sex marriage would be like lynching people

Eladio Jose Armesto compared same-sex marriage to lynching Share on WhatsApp 4 reader comments

A Florida anti-gay activist has claimed that a judge would be “judicially lynching” people if she legalised same-sex marriage. 213 more words



What was/is an ‘Outlaw’ ?

In Medieval England, an Outlaw was a man who had literally been placed ‘outside the protection of the law.’

Only men over 14 could be ‘Outlawed’. 363 more words


Slow Motion Lynching of President Obama?

I was reminded again today that I am hateful, ignorant, and I am slowly lynching President Obama.  I know, I was shocked too!  I didn’t realize that not agreeing with a leader automatically qualified me for this. 248 more words