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Nothing Green (Tanka)

nothing green
grows under the dead snag
only red clay
where his boots finally fell –
the ones I polished daily –

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

'Deep denial': Pro-Hagan 'lynching' flier looks like GOP intimidation to Tommy Christopher

North Carolina politics turned very ugly Sunday when churchgoers in Cumberland County found fliers depicting a lynching tucked under their windshield wipers. Text superimposed over the lynching photo read, “Kay Hagan doesn’t win! 421 more words



I’ve always wondered why humans are often very quick to resort to mob action in order to award justice, mostly in the form of beatings, lynching or even burning, to whoever they feel is deserving of such punishment. 1,358 more words

Week 6: Remembering

Who gets to decide what is worthy of our gaze and what is not? When it comes to “The Falling Man” and the “jumpers” of 9/11, who gets the final word on how we remember the victims of such a tragedy? 790 more words

Week 6

Remember: Mary Turner

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/thesocycinema/race-the-kkk-lynching-white-terror/

Although she fled when she learned of the mob’s intent, she was nevertheless captured at noon on 19 May. The mob of several hundred brought her to Folsom Bridge over Little River, which separates Brooks and Lowndes counties.  168 more words

Let's Talk America

New Articles!

This week’s articles both address discrimination. The first, “Lynching as Blood Sacrifice?” discusses the motivations that drove white Christians to lynch African Americans. The second, “What Makes Us Different?” examines the artwork of Michael Cook while pondering how the people of this world can discriminate against those who are so similar to them. 14 more words


President Franklin Roosevelt and Few Civil Rights for African Americans

Despite the efforts of his wife Eleanor and African American leaders, President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration made little progress on civil rights.

New Deal programs discriminated against blacks. 469 more words

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