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Diana Prince ("Wonder Woman") - Washington, DC

Diana Prince is a naval Yeoman whose alter ego is the super-hero Wonder Woman on the ABC/CBS fantasy adventure WONDER WOMAN (1975-1979). She lives at 2890 West 20th Street in Washington, D.C. 1,073 more words


The New Wonder Woman - Bust Size? Really?

 So as most know, in the second Superman movie aka Superman vs. Batman, Ben Affleck is not the only controversial casting choice.

This movie has jumped through so many different women for playing Wonder Woman it’s hard to keep up. 417 more words


An Amazonian Princess.

Wonder Woman.

"You obviously have little regard for womanhood. You must
 learn respect."
-Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a woman who combines intellect, beauty and great physical skills. 182 more words


Superheroes Reimagined in Stunning Portraiture

Ever wonder what your favorite superhero or sci-fi characters would look like if they were plopped down into another time period? Sure, true aficionados will realize such reworkings are an occasional trope of the genre, primarily in “what if” or time travel stories. 111 more words


A Brief History Of Comic Book Superheroines - Suffering Sappho, Indeed

In a very compelling article which you can read HERE, Grantland writer Molly Lambert, takes readers on a brief and fascinating tour of the history of the first superheroine – Wonder Woman – and examines why it’s been so hard to get her on the big screen. 186 more words

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Costumes of Yore

So I’ve never been one to get too much into costumes- but was looking at some old photos and realized that I’ve actually dressed up more than I had remembered… 87 more words

Rogue Costume