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Punctuation [semi] Outdone

Lynne Truss on punctuation:

“But colons and semicolons — well, they are in a different league, my dear! They give such lift! Assuming a sentence rises into the air with the initial capital letter and lands with a soft-ish bump at the full stop, the humble comma can keep the sentence aloft all right, like this, UP, for hours if necessary, UP, like this, UP, sort-of bouncing, and then falling down, and then UP it goes again, assuming you have enough additional things to say, although in the end you may run out of ideas and then you have to roll along the ground with no commas at all until some sort of surface resistance takes over and you run out of steam anyway and then eventually with the help of three dots . 55 more words


What the Panda ate

I have a new respect for copy editors. I really, truly do. I now understand just how annoying it is when you have to undo over 4000 versions of the ‘yob’s comma’ as termed by Lynne Truss, author of… 544 more words


Mews: Cat Out of Hell By Lynne Truss

Hi everyone,

On the 9th of October the latest book by Lynne Truss will be available on the UK market! :)

What book you ask? It is Cat Out of Hell… 504 more words


First Night Design | A Word in Your Shell-Like about Punctuation

‘Shell-like’ refers to a person’s ear. It has been in use since the late 19th century when the shape of an ear was deemed to be like a sea shell. 879 more words


What happened to the cat? Lynne Truss at the Marlborough Festival of Literature

“A thing of mine is to fall in love with one of my characters,” Lynne Truss divulges. “In Eats, Shoots and Leaves it was a colon.” 251 more words

Literature Festival

First Night Design | 'I do needlepoint from kits. I give them as gifts...'

Regular visitors will be familiar with my penchant for seeing my art on cushions. I’ve been at it again with some of the recent additions to my portfolio. 106 more words

Art & Design

A Panda fiRes a gun...

“A panda walks into a cafe. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and fires two shots in the air.

‘Why?’ asks the confused waiter.   332 more words