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I’ve ghost-written for countless business leaders and other influential people, and I’ve trained a lot of young writers and communications professionals.  One thing I’ve learnt is that you can always be a better writer.   325 more words


Eat's, Shoot's and Leave's by Lynne Truss: My Review

Before I begin, let me just explain: that title was not written with sincerity. It was actually written with the intention of luring in fellow ‘grammar Nazis’ as some so cheerfully label us, and I suppose if you’re reading this; it worked. 720 more words


Background, Check!

Go! Go! Go! – Yukinko Akiro?

Or so I’ve guessed from his poor penmanship, cool dude either way.

Should be prepping for a Skype interview, feeling lucky to have made it this far.

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Teaching ESL

Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots & Leaves: A Zero Tolerance Guide to Punctuation

This is an interesting read. Ms. Truss claims the book is for the sticklers; however, I must disagree. She takes us through the rules, both of basic usage and style specific (the Oxford comma), for each form of punctuation. 85 more words

Book Apprasials

The redhead's red pen: It's back-to-school time

Have you started seeing signs of the season? It’s definitely nearing the start of a new school year. Mall store fronts are swapping out summer neons for autumn’s more subdued colors. 970 more words


Punctuation and Grammar

Now that I write for a living, I am increasingly aware of the importance of not making too many mistakes with punctuation and grammar. If you spend months or even years crafting your novel, it would be awful if your prose are let down by clumsy punctuation and poor grammar. 219 more words

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Editing Organisations

As I’m a writer living in Victoria and occasionally receive editing opportunities, I figured I’d post up some links to a few editing associations:

The Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) … 104 more words