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Pathways (From Still Waters)

It is thus, and in this way, our lives cross,
amid pathways both familiar and strange.
At the edge of that ridge, the children wept, 131 more words

Telyneg ‘Y Bont’


Mor hawdd yw croesi’r ceunant.

Rhwng ei chanllawiau hi,

Melysodd hon gyfeiliant,

Llifeiriant llawer lli.


Dan aur firaglau’r machlud,

A hûd y bryniau iach, 37 more words


It's a big one: Charli xcx unveils boom clap lyric video

Charli XCX unveils the lyric video for her brand new upcoming single ‘Boom Clap’.


I think when it’s all over,
it just comes back and flashes, u know.
It’s like a kaleidoscope of memories,
which it all comes back,

221 more words


She sat staring at the sun, eyes slightly darkened from the penumbra of the clouds skewing the solar light. A ghost of wonder passes her face and she cocks her head, asking with her silence why I  133 more words


Hey, Mr.! shi jian yi dao lai xia yao zai deng dai
kuai pao kai zuai shui meng zhong xing lai bie ya yi shu yu ni de cun zai…

442 more words

leeHi (이하이) Rose


이하이(LeeHi) ROSE


Nae sarangeun saeppalgan rose

Jigeumeun areumdapgetjiman

Nalkaroun gasiro neol apeuge halgeol

Nae sarangeun saeppalgan rose

Geurae nan hyanggiropgetjiman

Gakkai halsurok neol dachige halgeol… 278 more words