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Pernahkah kau merasakan kehampaan dalam dirimu,

Merasa kau tidak pernah bisa menjadi cukup baik,

Dihadapan orang-orang itu.

Kau harus tampak kuat, tak bisa menunjukkan lemahmu? 84 more words


I'd like to know

Pete Seeger took over my body once again to write this song:

I’d like to know

Well, I’d like to know
Why the rockets fly… 114 more words


I make light.of what weighs heavily on my mind.still searching for an answer.to this question that’s so easy to ask: Why?

well then why is it so hard to find?.I search high and low.above and below.to no avail…

71 more words

Your oblivion awaits

I’d hoped some things wouldn’t change,
That vows would be kept.
There are other people in your life
You knew I’d wept.
The anger left me, didn’t take the love… 7 more words


"Chandelier" by Sia

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything,
when will I learn
I push it down, push it down

I’m the one “for a good time call”

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Mr. Gunderfelt's New Bird

**A Children’s Tale**

I’m not sure if I like
Mr. Gunderfelt’s new bird.
It’s a nay-bird, a gray-bird,
A sad-bird, a blue-bird.
It isn’t a fish-bird, 164 more words

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