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Black Bullet Opening Theme - black bullet (TV Size Version)

black bullet (TV Size Version)
Vocals: fripside
Lyrics: Yaginuma Satoshi
Composition: Yaginuma Satoshi
Arrangement: Yaginuma Satoshi

This fragmenting world is boundless
The unknown creation is now in chaos… 189 more words

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KILL la KILL 1st Ending Theme - Gomen ne, Ii ko ja Irarenai

Sorry, I Can’t be a Good Girl
Vocals: Sawai Miku
Lyrics: Sawai Miku
Composition: Sawai Miku
Arrangement: Tateyama Akiyuki

I slipped past the dull gazes of adults before the dismissal bell chimed… 522 more words

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KILL la KILL 1st Opening Theme - Sirius

Vocals: Aoi Eir
Lyrics: meg rock
Composition: Shigenaga Ryosuke
Arrangement: Shigenaga Ryosuke

I’ll strip off the ready-made today
that someone else set up without asking… 564 more words

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KILL la KILL 2nd Opening Theme - ambiguous

Vocals: GARNiDELiA
Lyrics: meg rock
Composition: toku
Arrangement: GARNiDELiA

After severing what fate had intended for me…

I went beyond what I can do… 499 more words

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