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It Pulls Me Under (unmixed/unmastered) by Butterfly Boucher

“I won’t stay here suspended forever
I must be on my way
I won’t stay here helpless forever
I must be on my way”

As heard on “Break Free”, a short film by Ruby Rose. 314 more words


If life was a beautiful dream

If life was just a beautiful dream

I would sit and just gaze at what I see

I wouldnt change it or take any of it away… 113 more words


Cold by Rae Morris feat. Fryars

“You fell for my charm and my affection
You fell for my undivided attention
But it didn’t last I feel for you…
You’re not the one I adore” 223 more words


Day 315: If I had known

… Is what I would name the song Lowering by the Avett Brothers.

So if ever someone says to you
“Life isn’t fair, get used to it” 16 more words


I saw a peanut stand,
heard a rubber band,
And seen a needle wink its eye
But I be done seen about everything
When I see an elephant fly… 140 more words