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'We'll Always Have Each Other' -- In The Style Of Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker died today and this is a song for him.

We’ll Always Have Each Other
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give me credit if you produce and / or perform… 204 more words


Valerie Schreiber

Title: Multi-Form Writer

Company: Valerie A. Schreiber

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Motivated by her teachers, Valerie A. Schreiber pursued her love for music and the written word. 169 more words


'Gonna Love You Girl' or 'If I Could Only Say'

I haven’t decided on the title yet, maybe let me know which you prefer? :-) I just wanted to get this published as I’m really happy with the bridge in this song, I think it’s the best one I’ve written. 390 more words


" twenty one pilots "

I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the band twenty one pilots. but they’re pretty sick. I love them because they have this message that says “stay alive.” 77 more words


This sums up my feelings about you right now…

I hope you’re well and happy!

Just Keep Smiling! x

Korban Zaman

Aku takkan pernah mengerti
Hidup di zaman modernisasi
Remaja terbawa arus tradisi
Sampai lupa norma & harga diri

Apalagi setelah ada polusi
Obat laknat perusak generasi… 24 more words