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Tears and Courage

I’m so tired of people NOT thinking I’m sick because I “don’t look sick.” I wish that people could see exactly what is going on inside of me. 1,284 more words

Why I respect the living hell out of Lzzy Hale

I don’t usually talk much about people who’ve garnered celebrity status, but Lzzy Hale is an exception. It’s not every day you see a female leadingĀ a metal band and it’s even rarer to see such bands achieve Grammy statusĀ and go down in the annals of rock greatness. 350 more words


if i break the glass...

One of the things that i’m blessed with now is CHANGE.

Odd to give that voice because i’m a control freak in so many areas of my life, but the change is good… there is value in the challenges it brings and the growth left in its wake. 65 more words

Real Life

'Shatter Me' Exudes More Energy And Confidence

Album: Shatter Me
Artist: Lindsey Stirling
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 29th April 2014
Official Website: LindseyStirling.com

Diagnosis: Lindsey Stirling’s first album demonstrated her talent and her ability to write memorable and original songs. 374 more words