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Liz Tells Frank What Happened In "After Earth"

Dear Frank,

As I write this, let me tell you — I’m not feeling great. Some sort of head/chest congestion thing. It’s way better today than it was on Sunday, thanks to the joys of modern medicine, but it also means that I write this now after having just taken my second dose of DayQuil of the day, and I’m gonna tell you, I feel a little bit loopy. 1,786 more words

All The Spoilers

So You Wish M. Night Shyamalan's Timeline Looked Different Too, Huh?

It started out soooo strong, and it kind of just sadly petered out. I still have faith he might turn it around.

1999Stuart Little… 336 more words


The 20 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time: 'The Sixth Sense'

In the post-Lady in the Water era, it’s tough to remember how bonkers people once went for The Sixth Sense. But a mere millennium ago, M. 976 more words


A theory of art, or: How George R. R. Martin lost his way

What is art? Why do I enjoy Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra, yet my 12-year old son thinks it is wretched? Why are the first three Song of Ice and Fire books great, but the last two are mediocre at best? 2,172 more words

What Ever Happened to M. Night Shyamalan?

I have a handful of favorites: authors, actors, singers, etc.  These people have earned such faithful loyalty that I will watch/read/listen to whatever they release simply because I have enough confidence in them to believe my time will not be wasted. 647 more words

Random Ramblings

Underrated: Unbreakable (2000)

“This is an art gallery, my friend, and this is a piece of art.”

Spoilers for a 14-year-old movie to follow.

Superhero movies, and movies inspired by comic books, are legion. 1,572 more words


M. Night Shyamalan is Back with Sundowning

M. Night Shyamalan. What name is more associated with disappointment and let-down? He came on the scene hard and fast with the runaway hit, THE SIXTH SENSE, and soon after descended into “has been” status. 259 more words

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