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Noted Filmmaker to Speak at Fed Conference

What do a Hollywood blockbuster filmmaker and school superintendents from older industrial cities have in common?

They are all participants in a supersession at the Philadelphia Fed’s… 258 more words

# 451 - Unbreakable

Surprise! We didn’t give up… just had a short break. And what a great movie to get us back into the swing of things!

Look, let’s just be honest, I don’t know if there will ever be a movie that I hate if Brucey is in it (have I mentioned this before?), he is seriously one of the best actors I know. 170 more words

Must Watch

That Estranged Crazy Uncle: Did He Room with M. Night Shyamalan at Overnight Camp?

Part 2      (You can find Part 1 here.)

There are a handful of liberal theologians who are applying an eco-theology lens to the Book of Revelation, stretching to find in the text inspiration for care of the earth, rather than its destruction. 1,037 more words

End Of The World

Devil (2010)

Directed by: John Erick Dowdle

Occasionally you can watch a film when you’re in the wrong mood and it seems somehow better than it actually is. 603 more words


After 'After Earth'

Quickly, I just want to say, there are a few very minor spoilers in here, they are basically things you would have known just from watching the trailer or from the first, maybe, ten minutes of the movie.   1,242 more words


Liz Tells Frank What Happened In "After Earth"

Dear Frank,

As I write this, let me tell you — I’m not feeling great. Some sort of head/chest congestion thing. It’s way better today than it was on Sunday, thanks to the joys of modern medicine, but it also means that I write this now after having just taken my second dose of DayQuil of the day, and I’m gonna tell you, I feel a little bit loopy. 1,786 more words

All The Spoilers

So You Wish M. Night Shyamalan's Timeline Looked Different Too, Huh?

It started out soooo strong, and it kind of just sadly petered out. I still have faith he might turn it around.

1999Stuart Little… 336 more words