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Like Honey

about you is
like honey—


Leaving traces
of your nectar
on these lips.


[Short Fic|KrisTao] Fated Bond [M] - Chap 1


“Có bệnh nhân đang đợi cậu trong phòng 202,” Bác sĩ An đi ngang qua Tao trên hành lang của bệnh viện. “Người đó bị trật khớp vai, hồ sơ của anh ta ở trên bàn đấy.” 3,489 more words


Memory Blocks Thinking

Many a man fails to become a thinker only because his memory is too good. (Nietzsche)

Memory is a load. Getting lost in the various moments of the past is a curse. 44 more words


MANAGEMENT & What to Do If Your Boss Is a Control Freak

by Karen Dillon, Harvard Business Review, 12/23/14.

…Despite what you may think, the root of his micromanaging is probably not that your boss is a jerk or that he feels threatened by you. 323 more words


Parece mentira.

Siempre lo que más me cuesta de todo el post es pensar el título. Digo cosas demasiado random a lo largo del post como para resumirlas en un título sin poner “Random1″, “Random2″… 934 more words

Cosas Random

MULTIPLICATION & The multisite model survives.

The Modern Megachurch Can’t Really Die: That’s because it’s not just one church.

By Ruth Graham, Slate Magazine, 1/22/15.

The former Mars Hill church in Seattle, and the multisite afterlife. 250 more words


Lego James Bond's House

M has been working on it for a quite a while. When it was finished, he wanted to show it to me. I was busy nursing M to sleep. 96 more words