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My return

I can’t believe I’ve been gone this long. I let too much time pass, but I won’t do so again. I’m here to stay.

I recently started getting into pinning on Pinterest. 200 more words


11 My Stocking Fetish (as a transwoman)

As a child, stockings were an almost holy symbol of femininity. As a teen and young adult, they were little more than a cum rag… 307 more words

10 My Stocking Fetish (as a male)

When my gender issues first manifested I was around 4 years old.¬† I don’t know why I wanted to be a girl, but I did.¬† I didn’t really know what to do about it, but decided to keep it a secret. 385 more words

09 Fetishes

A fetish wasn’t always considered a sexual concept. Originally, a fetish was an object that meant so much to a magician that just looking at it or thinking about it caused a shift in consciousness. 292 more words

Artificiale Part 5

Artificiale Part 5

After an hour of pacing around in the sunroom, Sam finally lead me upstairs and stood me before what used to be the guest bedroom, but had now been converted to… some sort of storage? 4,742 more words

Identity Change

08 What's Next?

Thinking and writing about my gender dysphoria has helped me come to terms with my feelings¬† make my mind up about how I want to spend my future.Up until this week, I’ve been avoiding the whole wishing I was a girl all the time thing and telling myself it was too hard and not worth it. 349 more words

06 Summing it up so far.

I was exposed to a lot of while living and working as Anne. It was very exciting, fast and scary that took a long while to process property. 388 more words