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Transitioned at Work +6m22d E

So I transitioned at work this week. Sounds simple enough. I pass and everything else like that, well my voice is still a work in progress. 870 more words

Review: Rethinking Normal by Katie Rain Hill

The first time I heard about Katie Rain Hill was during one of her many interviews on television. She’s been interviewed for CNN, ABC’s 20/20, Tulsa World and many other media outlets. 682 more words


So Close +6m6d E

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a status update of how things are going and where things are at. Ok, let’s not beat around the bush, full-time is close, very close…. 447 more words

Mail’s In +5m14d E

So I wanted to write something about some mail that arrived for me today. Two registered letters arrived, two pieces of paper. But perhaps those two pieces of paper were perhaps some of the most significant documents that I have received. 224 more words