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So Close +6m6d E

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a status update of how things are going and where things are at. Ok, let’s not beat around the bush, full-time is close, very close…. 447 more words

Honesty: Appearances

Katie crawled lazily out of bed. Working on student engineering projects were fun, but she always got the feeling that it was better suited for undergraduates who weren’t also doing research… and weren’t in a relationship. 9,633 more words


Mail’s In +5m14d E

So I wanted to write something about some mail that arrived for me today. Two registered letters arrived, two pieces of paper. But perhaps those two pieces of paper were perhaps some of the most significant documents that I have received. 224 more words


The first part of a rather lengthy commission by Simon Bitdiddle. Thanks again for commissioning me!

Set in the Debts universe, Irleth and Halwen may find themselves in Aintrel Valley someday… … 5,143 more words


Where I'm at +5m2d E

Just falling apart. It’s all so close yet so far away. I’m caught up in a world of in-betweens and living in a depressing grey world. 202 more words


The first product of a story trade with the talented Chriscringle.

Knuckles rapped on wood as Adam waited anxiously in his dorm room. His eyes flitted back and forth between his laptop and the cardboard box with strange characters stamped haphazardly all over at the foot of his bed. 3,836 more words


Why "Ups and Downs"? And an update on admirer email chat.

Perhaps it is dumb to explain why I gave my blog the name that I did – everyone’s lives have ups and downs… but, a recent link to my blog with associated comments has made me ponder, especially when I am currently forced to present for over a week only in the masculine form I am now estranged from… and thus have no fun things to write about! 941 more words