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One of my favourite places in the world.

‘hat tip’ to Al for reminding me how to do this sort of thing.

October 2014
Athens, Greece… 12 more words


Horseplay on the ranch

Yesterday after my appointment in Markham,  I went for a drive in the country and noticed the horses were out close to the fence along the road,  I pulled over and took pictures with my Leica M8 and my 24 Elmarit just before the rain came.  Thanks for looking.




Help, I can't decide on my next phone.

  HTC Droid DNA

If someone asked me in October 2012, what my next cell phone would be, I would have told them the Droid DNA. It was the phone I wanted most of that year and is the one I’m currently using. 1,485 more words

According to tweets recently posted by HTC, the company’s One (M8) and One (M7) will be getting the recently announced Lollipop update sometime within 90 days of receiving it from Google. 76 more words


HTC Desire Eye vs. HTC One M8 | All About YOU

Has HTC cracked the code on the ultimate smartphone? Many believe the HTC One M8 is the top dog at the moment, so naturally one has to ask if a move to plastic and a centered, flash-enabled front camera with software to match is the one-up (think voice enabled selfies)? 159 more words


Activity by LogYourRun helps you visualize the intensity of your activity

I’m not a slug but I’m also far from being a health freak. You won’t find me at the gym, and if you ever see me running, then call 911 because it means something went terribly wrong. 356 more words

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