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Norton Commando




While its nice riding a vintage bike like that, taking care of her is sometimes not that easy. At the moment she is getting new Valves and Pistons. 6 more words


Australian beach safety

Lifeguards, are there to support you

Sydney June 2013 – April 2014 (3 images)

Australians are a summer lovin’ bunch in general, and for many summer means the beach. 96 more words


people, recently.

Sorry for the absence; I’ve been making an attempt to enjoy the city a bit more this summer, which has meant not carrying the cameras around quite as much. 70 more words


older glas vs the modern aspherical



two shots with different glas. One is a modern Leica Aspherical lens, which is clearly super sharp wide open. the other is an old Nikkor from the 80s.   25 more words


Enjoying being out late in the evening…with a warm breeze