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a summer morning....

in the Basque country. I miss the ocean. 


Leica M9 // Lux 35

Leica M9

Candid Photography is like a box of chocolates #3

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”.

Sydney May 2014 (3 images)

And the same goes for candid photography. 264 more words


getting air

Frankfurt local Marcel getting big Air  this evening.  i did not have a flash so i decided to try  to shoot him from the inside of the bowl. 14 more words

Leica M9

Ludvig & Melvin

Today I put the new Summilux 50mm to the test. And boy how it performed. We met with another family on a playground in the Gothenburg city center. 175 more words

Summilux 50mm lens

I wrote a post week´s ago about buying a fast portrait lens. Today I bought the 50mm Summilux. As I sold my 50mm Summicron a while ago I am happy to have this jewel on my camera and I am happy that I decided for 50mm focal length. 9 more words