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PBP: E is for Egg

When Pagans think of eggs they usually associate it with Ostara or other Pagan faith. What most Pagans, let alone Kemeticists, realize is eggs have a symbolic significance with the Ancient Egyptians as well. 390 more words



Pangil- design by Aion 131. Aion writes of the symbol:

“My horns are the pillars that edge the Abyss and my Eye is the Gate through which is ingress and egress. 265 more words


Acts of ma'at

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen acts of ma’at play out in my city. They are admittedly small acts, but acts nonetheless. (We can’t all be Wepwawet, opening the way for the rightful king; we can’t all be Set, defender at the prow of the Barque of a Million Years.) We’ve had a terribly cold winter this year, enough to cause over 2,000 houses to lose access to water because their pipes froze. 414 more words


Isis-Ma'at, Lady of Truth

As I am sure you know, Ma’at is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Universal Order, and Right. The ideas related to Her form the very core of the ancient Egyptian conception of the way things should be. 1,107 more words

Goddess Isis

The Scales of Justice

Even though all Western cultures represent justice in the same way — a female figure holding scales and a sword, sometimes wearing a blindfold — only the sword and blindfold come from Western sources. 365 more words


More Ma'at

See part 1: METU NETER – 4. Law of Ma’at

METU NETER/Metaphysics

Maat, the 4th sphere of the Tree of Life manifest in Man’s spirit as the universally felt need for order (law). 2,527 more words

Belief System

Metu Neter - 4. Law of Ma'at

Law of Ma’at

God needs you in order to come into the world. Fulfilling God’s need is the highest act of love, and only through your love for God can you fulfill your love for others. 998 more words

Belief System