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On Balance-KRT Post

Ma’at and isfet: What are these concepts? What role do they play in your practice? 

In the beginning, it didn’t really play a role in my practice because I was more of an eclectic Pagan who honored the Netjeru alongside some of the Tuatha De Dannan. 397 more words


Ma'at: Toward a Justice and Equality Movement

I placed this blog in an inactive status several months ago, because of my sense of hopelessness that anything I could do or say would have any effective impact in the real political world. 874 more words


Philadelphia and What I Found There

Earlier this month I spent a week in Philadelphia with a dear friend of mine for her birthday. I haven’t been to Philly in years and found myself quickly falling in love with the city all over again. 1,012 more words


Episodes 88 and 89 Review

With these episodes, we now have each of the three heroes possessing their own Celestial Advancement card as well as a Guardian of Yugoha Celestial Apex Evolution Monster. 60 more words

Episode Review


Zindagi aired the last episode of Maat yesterday. I have been watching this show on & off. Nearly all Pakistani shows have beautiful title songs which they call OSTs (Original Sound Tracks). 482 more words


2014-08-12 Update


It’s good to see you.

I’ve been wanting to blog more and I have several posts written about what’s been going on but I have this feeling to hold off for now on posting them.   1,231 more words


Episode 89: Hidden History Part 2

Sorry for the wait, but Episode 89 is out now. Read it here.

Ma’at and Valex continue there duel, while the Orb of Truth and a mysterious voice continues to assault them visions of Yugoha. 20 more words

Episode Update