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The idea

I was walking the dog yesterday evening and found myself in a pretty creepy wood. 873 more words

Raspberry Pi

Tip1 - MAC / IP / DNS server address, Subnet mask, Default gateway

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MAC address

Madia Access Control address (MAC address)는 Physical network의 통신을 위해 TCP/IP Network interface에 할당되는 unique idedtifier다.

    MAC address는 6개의 2자리 hexadecimal digit으로 구성되며, 보통 colon ':'으로 구분된다. 141 more words

A few secrets you should know to avoid hackers

You’re using a wireless access point that has encryption so you’re safe, right? Wrong! Hackers want you to believe that you are protected so you will remain vulnerable to their attacks. 580 more words


TCP IP Protocol Stack and MAC Addresses

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is simply another kind of identification (like an IP address) assigned to every single device that connects to a network. 107 more words

Website Production

Why using mac address is horrible for web application security

There are plenty of reasons, but I have decided to just focus on the top items.

  1. Mac Addresses are not unique. That is, they may be unique within a manufacturer’s production environment, but devices that have them can also have them overwritten.
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