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Life of MAC Address

Who am I ? (am not Jackie chan)

MAC is a 48 bit unique identifier for network interfaces, also called as Hardware address for network interface cards. 208 more words

MAC Address

MAC vs IP Address

MAC address dan IP address merupakan sebuah alamat pengenal perangkat komputer/jaringan. 

Perbedaan MAC address dan IP address adalah pada layernya di OSI. MAC berada di layer 2 (data link) sedangkan IP address berada di layer 3 (network). 103 more words

OUI, UAA, MAC Address portion

Mac address, identitas di Layer 2. Ada kemiripan dengan pengalamatan di Layer 3 . Identitas yang panjangnya 48 bits alias 6 bytes ini berdasarkan identitas dibagi 2 bagian, 3 bytes pertama dan 3 bytes terakhir. 121 more words


WPA2 wireless security cracked

Another good reason to use Ethernet cables when possible. If you are using WPA2, then make the password as long as possible. Think 63+ characters long. 696 more words


Macbot 0.2 - An interactive commandline script for macchanger *** Major Bugfix ***

*** MAJOR BUGFIX, Version 0.2 release ***

Ever got angry when Network Manager didn’t use the new MAC address you just assigned to interface wlan0? Macbot 0.2 is the solution to your problems. 572 more words


CCNA- Basic Switching Interview Question & Answers

What is Switch?

A Network Switch is a device which is used to connect multiple computers inside Local Area Network (LAN).

Network Switches operate at Layer Two (Data Link Layer) of the OSI model. 1,104 more words