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Android 'Fake ID' bug lets criminals gain access to Android users' credit card data

“An Android flaw has been uncovered that lets malware insert malicious code into other apps, gain access to the user’s credit card data and take control of the device’s settings,” Leo Kelion reports for BBC News. 765 more words


DHCP (IPs and MAC Addresses)

Dear Users,

Similar to my recent posts, to my fortune, I have been doing much more networking as of late. I am also lucky to having been given the freedom and guidance around our Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers which assign IPs to devices throughout the network.

Network Administration

How to Find Your Device's MAC address

MAC address is short for Machine Access Control and your device doesn’t have to be produced by Apple to have one.

To find the MAC address of your Android phone or tablet: 103 more words

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Crucial security flaw found in Google Play: Thousands of secret keys found in Android apps

“In a paper presented — and awarded the Ken Sevcik Outstanding Student Paper Award — at the ACM SIGMETRICS conference on June 18, Jason Nieh, professor of computer science at Columbia Engineering, and PhD candidate Nicolas Viennot reported that they have discovered a crucial security problem in Google Play, the official Android app store where millions of users of Android, the most popular mobile platform, get their apps,” ScienceDaily reports. 624 more words


And now a word from the people invading your privacy

Last week, as we reported, Apple made a tiny technical change that could make it more difficult for marketers to spy on you. The company changed a setting that broadcasts an iPhone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address to any Wi-Fi network within range. 632 more words

No, Apple has not killed location tracking with iOS 8

“Various news outlets are now reporting that Apple has effectively killed location tracking or offline analytics for iPhones with a change in iOS 8 that conceals the phone’s correct MAC address,” Greg Sterling reports for Marketing Land. 247 more words