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Mac Lethal - Rap Classified Ads (Ep. 2)

Mac Lethal is back with more randomness from Craigslist. I’ve posted a few things from him in the past, and you should definitely be paying attention. 38 more words


Mozart Rap - Mac Lethal

I have seen this video some weeks ago, however I never shared it in this blog… Owing to the fact that It takes only a minute and for all the other reasons I can imagine it diserves to be widely shared so I decided to post it. 11 more words


The Craigslist Rap

This is incredible. Remember Mac Lethal? He’s at it again!

Remember the youtube video that went viral of a guy named Mac Lethal called “Pancakes”? 56 more words


Mac Lethal - Rap Classified Ads

Mac Lethal gives his spin to some Craigslist ads he has seen recently.


This rap song about Mozart is pretty incredible

Mac Lethal really covered all his bases with this song.

A 53-year-old teacher named Francine got in touch with the rapper over email to make a song request, and he really delivered. 11 more words

Caught On Video