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New iOS 8.1 features you need to know

iOS 8.1 is now available to the public. Along with bringing Apple Pay into the wild, this major update is packed with new features that bring harmony to your iPhone and Mac workflow. 9 more words


Защита для Yosemite

На прошедших выходных стала доступна новая версия OS X Yosemite. Для тех кто уже обновился или только планирует переход полезно будет узнать, что разработчики McAfee заранее подготовили набор обновлений для защитных модулей, который обеспечивают совместимость с новой ОС. 37 more words


Object Orientated

It’s been a year since I quit drinking and I can safely say that it has been the best year ever! The most productive, the most successful, the most healthy and happy time of my life! 738 more words

OS X Yosemite is the best Mac OS update/upgrade to-date

The new OS X Yosemite is the best MAC OS upgrade ever….Finally with Yosemite we have a universal look between all Apple gadgets/interfaces…..Absolutely seamless transitioning between the iPhone the iPad and the MacBooks …. 37 more words


A Couple of Days with Yosemite

Yosemite, a word that when I heard that Apple where naming their new OS X system is, I thought, man – I’m going to struggle to spell that. 232 more words


《October Recap:蘋果10月發佈會》


Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10

自八月中,筆者已經開始試用今年首度引入的 Beta Program,沒有太大問題,只有少量應用並未調整而已。隨10月17日凌晨發布的正式版本,大部分軟件已經提供更新,當中 iWork及 iLife 亦釋出更新。要說這次更新的最大改變,莫過於視覺風格與 iOS 看齊。 iOS 7 於介面上「拍扁」,把以往的陰影、材質的設計拿走,換上簡約的線條,Yosemite 亦一樣,把所有應用圖標也來個大翻新,毋須換機也有新的感覺。

雖然有人指 iOS 7 和 Yosemite 是象徵著擬物化(以 iCal 和 Notes 等為例,由模擬現實的月曆和記事簿,改為簡約白色的設計)的逝去,但我頗為認同Wil Gieseler 的說法,指擬物化的逝去被過份誇張 ( 92 more words


Joanna Stern: OS X Yosemite Review

Macs and iPhones finally speak the same language.

I can begin replying to an email on my phone, then walk over to my laptop and finish it off there. 600 more words