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The Optimal Case For iPhone Users Who Don’t Like Traditional Cases

Bumpie Protectors  are currently available for the iPhone5/5s and may be preordered for the iPhone 6. Humm.  Wonder what they know that we don’t know. 331 more words

Mac Tips

Adding a Printer

The tech team has received several requests for printer help.  If you need to add a printer, follow the steps in this video.

* Note: Do not use the “Nearby Printers” option when attempting to print a document.   15 more words

Mac Tips

A Tip To Make Your Keynote Presentation Shine

One of the basic tenets of a good slide show is that there is a minimum number of words on each slide. Think of your words as thought generators rather than information. 618 more words

When I connect to the projector, the background doesn't match my desktop...

If you’ve connected to the projector and been baffled by the projected image (the background looks okay, but it doesn’t match what’s on your laptop screen), you probably need to adjust your mirroring settings.  Here’s how:



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Trackpad Wizardry

Your trackpad can perform all sorts of neat tricks (so many, in fact, that I often forget about some handy maneuvers).  It’s worth spending a few minutes exploring the zoom, swipe, and click options.   54 more words

Mac Tips

Where'd my scroll bars go?

If you’re still getting used to your MacBook Air, you may wonder where your scroll bars went.  

Mac Tips

Make FirstClass Your Default Mail Client

Here in RSU 2, we currently use FirstClass as our primary email client.  The staff’s MacBook Airs, however, default to the native Mail app… 67 more words

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