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OS X Mavericks: 4 speed secrets

“If you’ve followed my earlier tips to help you squeeze more performance from your OS X Mavericks Mac, but crave a little more zest, these suggestions may help you get slightly more performance from your Mac,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. 100 more words


Genvej til Dock'en

Ved brug af “alt+cmd+D” er det muligt af skjule docken så man kan udnytte den fulde skærmstørrelse.

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Vurdering af Clean my Mac

Clean my mac, er det hidtil bedste “rense” program jeg har oplevet til dato. Det er hurtigt og meget overskueligt, den finder næsten alt det overflødige som du ikke bruger. 94 more words

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Make your cursor bigger

Sometimes your cursor can be a little too small. Today I’m gonna show you how to fix that:)

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Putting an Icon on the Dock

Recently, a client asked me how to put an icon that had gone missing back on her dock. Over the years I’ve been asked that same question by a number of Mac users. 35 more words


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Character and Keyboard Viewer

Here are a couple of little preferences that are extremely helpful in typesetting. They will help you find and use all of the hidden characters that are found embedded in most fonts. 325 more words

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5 simple solutions to common Mac issues

“Most MacBook users are familiar with the Disk Not Ejected Properly notification,” Harry Guinness writes for Tuts+. “Getting an alert when you rip a USB key out while your still running Mac is one thing, but getting one after you delicately unplug your external hard drives from your sleeping Mac so that you can put it in your bag is a different story.” 128 more words