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One college coach's unique connection to the Peach Jam

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. – The July live evaluation period came to a close on Sunday as college coaches from across America finally got the chance to return home after 15 days on the road evaluating over the last three weeks. 951 more words

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Round & Flat: 'Dots' Icons for Mac

Flat has become the new trend in all design aspects!

I randomly came across this set of icons and I was immediately stunned! It’s flat, simple but not lacking details. 44 more words


Makeup At The Gym?

The age old question, is it socially acceptable to wear makeup to the gym? The answer is yes…in moderation.

It’s not okay to wear a full face of makeup as it’s likely to run down your face if you break a sweat and it looks like you’re trying too hard and not there to workout. 177 more words


Fix SSL Error: Cannot connect to the real github.com

A co-worker started getting the following error on her Mac running Mac OS X 10.7.5:

For some reason, the SSL certificate chain was no longer valid. 145 more words

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New MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM standard and faster CPUs coming Tuesday, source says

“Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, in both the 13- and 15-inch varieties, is now rumored to receive an update on Tuesday, following a leak that suggested all 15-inch models will come standard with 16 gigabytes of RAM,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. 100 more words


High Standards Still Not Met

So, let’s get it out there, Apple ads. No one can get past the original Mac vs. PC ads, or even the iPod ones. But why is this ad gaining so much positive press? 137 more words


Longtime Mac user: Why I finally bought some Apple shares

“I bought my first Apple computer in 1984,” Stephen Mayo writes for Seeking Alpha. “It was the Mac Plus, the revolutionary computer that made popular the idea of icon based user interfaces.” 246 more words