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The children were back from the dead...

… revengeful and lusting for blood.

From their graves they crawled up like zombies, covered in mud

Picture Book


First lesson on Monday morning spent in hysterics, thereafter I took a short excursion to a nearby graveyard where I ate wild blackberries. The air is becoming colder, and I find myself thoroughly pleased with how this week started off.

Chicago Can Kill You

No, I don’t mean driving down into the Loop during peak traffic hours, dodging fenders and offensive drivers. Freewheeling mayhem. An experience where all hairs stand on end. 634 more words

Fresher's Creative Writing

This year we introduced creative writing as a part of the Fresher’s Frolica. You can have a look at the topic sheet here: Creative Writing: Freshers… 342 more words


Under the Blinking Stars


I lay in the cool grass under a blanket of air so thick it would drown even a corpse, staring up at the sky. I had read somewhere that a meteor shower was expected to occur that night and had planned on witnessing it. 595 more words


morbid limericks pt. 2

ein mann schnüffelte einst in berlin
an einem kanister benzin
doch in seiner nase
entflammten die gase
und der mann verstarb auf seinen knien

einst lebte ein mädchen in graz… 84 more words

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