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Which Tree Nut Provides the Most Omega-3 Fatty Acid?

David Mendosa says the answer is the macadamia nut.

A great thing about the macadamia nut is that it’s one of the few nuts with a good omega-6/omega-3 fatty acid ratio. 130 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Blueberry and Macadamia Flapjacks

A new twist on a teatime classic — buttery flapjack is dotted with sweet blueberries and crunchy macadamia nuts, then drizzled with melted white chocolate. Why, yessssss please!!! 205 more words


Home-Made Toasted Muesli / Granola

My fellow food bloggers are a constant source of inspiration to me… both in food and life in general. They really are a wonderful bunch of people who I consider my friends, even though we’ve never met in person. 461 more words


Vegan MoFo: Macadamia Oatmeal with Spiced Brown Sugar

Recently I was doing a little online food shopping and I came across Provamel’s new Macadamia milk  and I knew I had to try it. I had my first experience with Macadamia nut butter in LA back in November of last year so my love affair with macadamias is long standing. 180 more words


Macadamia Nuts

We have had a great first week at my new workouts! It feels great to be back at it with my friends! We are all on the journey to being Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional except for Kate because she is pregnant and is having a beautiful Thanksgiving BABY!   149 more words

Fit And Fabulous

If I Could Rename My Twins, They Might Be Macadamia and Provolone

Well hello again, my lovely.  Happy birthday to us!  Congrats on staying on your chosen eating plan.  You knew we could do it.  You’re 9 kinds of awesome, and also determined. 443 more words