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The Copyright Protection Behind an Animal's Selfie!

By: Luis A. Velez, The IP Trend™ Blog

“A copyist’s bad eyesight or defective musculature, or a shock caused by a clap of thunder, may yield sufficiently distinguishable variations. 699 more words

Now In Copyrights

New on 500px : Taiwanese Macaque by HsuKuangChung

A surprising encountering with the monkey when I was capturing the sunrise at Sun-Moon Lake! — http://ift.tt/1th4qmC


Monkey Business

When Monkey get inspired to turn camera and aim lens at face, Monkey not feel Monkey reinventing wheel or anything. It more an evolutionary step. It felt organic, is what Monkey is saying.

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To Thy Selfie Be True: One Small Click For A Monkey, One Giant Leap For Copyright?

“You got yourself framed on the wall. And people come by and they look at your face. And they say it’s the fairest of all,” … 666 more words


US Copyright Office Gets it Right

A few weeks ago, the Internet was filled with links to some photographs taken by a monkey.  Photographer David Slater had set up a camera in the cage of some black-crested macaques, and one of the fun-loving creatures used it to take several pictures – including a series of “selfies.”  After the selfies were posted on a web site, Mr. 236 more words



It was time to leave Beijing, and head on to our next destination. We were heading south, into Guangxi province to the city of Guilin. The name may not be familiar to you, but you undoubtedly know about this city because of what lies around it. 872 more words


Bonnet Macaque

The Bonnet Macaque (Macaca radiata) is a macaque endemic to southern India. at Kaiktty, Nilgiris.