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Japanese monkeys' abnormal blood linked to Fukushima disaster – study -- The Guardian, etc.

The Guardian: “Primates in Fukushima region found to have low white and red blood cell levels and radioactive caesium”

” Wild monkeys in the Fukushima region of Japan have blood abnormalities linked to the radioactive fall-out from the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster, according to a… 352 more words

Fukushima Daiichi

Bali Adventure, Part Two: Thieving Monkeys Thwart our Temple Tours

I love monkeys. I always have. Being born in the year of the monkey, I always had an affinity for the animals, and as a kid would spend hours watching National Geographic documentaries about anything primate. 1,696 more words


Monkey Free, Monkey Do.

We’re in the Planet of the Apes.

There are monkeys all over the place. Some are sitting, staring like this guy above, others on hind legs, waiting, and others scampering after each other to say hi or settle a real estate claim. 1,487 more words


Dating tips from the animal kingdom

Got a hot date?

If it’s with a human, you’ll probably have to rely on the classic wooing strategies: flowers, chocolates, dinner and dancing, smelling good… 438 more words

Nerve + Wire

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Chimps stick grass in their ears to be cool: notes on cultural transmission

1. In 2010, a female chimpanzee named Julie began repeatedly stuffing a stiff blade of grass into her ear. This Grass-in-ear behavior has affectionately been dubbed “GIEB” by the scientists who observed it. 752 more words


Takao Mountain - 高尾山

Although this is in Tokyo, from the top of Takao mountain the top of Fuji mountain can be seen. The trail took only one hour going up half of the way by cable car.   23 more words