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Educational options in Macau 

We are working to update the list of educational Institutions for every country, if you are willing to add your university or other option, please contact us

Classical Educational Institutions

Historic Racing, Florida International University partners with City University of Macau, No Casinos releases list of Legislative candidates signing anti-gambling pledge

  • One of the types of gambling expansion that Florida discussed during this year’s Legislative Session involved “historic racing”.  Historic racing is a type of electronic gambling where bettors wager on real previous pari-mutuel races, from which the identifying information has been removed. 
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Macau in 8 Hours

Planning a side trip to Macau during your Hong Kong vacation? Don’t have the luxury of time or money (or both) to spend in Macau to have an overnight stay? 2,005 more words

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Macau in Figures - Tables / Slots and Profit per Table/Slot

  In our last post we had a look at the general profit and revenue situation of major casinos in the Macau market. In this post we have a closer look at the distribution of profit per table or slot machine. 326 more words

Macau & Its Casinos


首圖好有氣氛 ♥ 大愛!


背心款式和細節主宰著total look的風格~

一看到這個肩膀上的蝴蝶結, 我就馬上買了這件背心~
而且粉藍色和白色的配搭看起來好順眼 :)

大家看到我一臉悠然自得的表情, 其實當時我熱得滿頭大汗很辛苦 =_=”

夏天的陽光很猛烈啊~ 在室外待太久真的會中暑~ (不是開玩笑的~~~)


baby blue vest / eilleen korea… 50 more words


#100Days Photo 20: Macau Tower and Sai Wan Bridge by the Zhujiang River, Macau

If you’ve ever been to Macau, it’s almost impossible to miss the Macau Tower, standing tall against the historically quaint but rapidly urbanizing special administrative region. 122 more words

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Macau in Figures - Casino Revenues and Profits

In another view on the casino market of Macau, above and below information has been prepared by use of public information published in Annual Reports of various casinos. 317 more words

Macau & Its Casinos