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Engaging with people!

I’m always interested in how technology can be used to engage with people – especially if they are customers. Well McDonald’s is trialling a way of letting people put their avatars in it’s high profile digital screen in London’s Piccadilly Circus. 176 more words


A healthy relationship

Growing up we lived in a junk food free house. At the time, I resented my mother and the lack of delicious brightly coloured, sugary, pre-packaged and processed snacks we had in our house – but now I have a different perspective on the issue. 418 more words


There's not a lot to know about me if you squint hard enough.

I’m like a toddler with a red hammer when it comes to money. No no, you don’t understand; everything I do is done through a useless cocktail of impulse and ‘Can I afford that flashy new tablet for uni’? 581 more words

McDonalds therapy

Sick and tired of school and having to try and figure out Noel’s behaviour. We have a paper due tomorrow but I’ve been sitting here staring at a piece of blank paper for 30 minutes. 90 more words

Dress code

Many places have a dress code. That means that you’re expected to wear a certain type of clothing when you visit those establishments. The expected attire varies from place to place and can range from formal dress, right down to bathers. 278 more words