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Bedtime Gratitude

I have no picture tonight because I devoured it before a picture could be taken.
Yes, I ate twister fries tonight!!! And then went to yoga which was not the greatest idea but you know – TWISTER FRIES!!

General Updates

M is for...

My five years old son’s teacher told me that the letter M is by far the best-known letter among toddlers. The reason is not difficult tob e guessed. 710 more words


Day 18 - no hangover!! What?!

So this weekend I’ve spent most of my time in Leeds celebrating a lovely friends birthday with a stay at home cocktail party. Now anyone that knows me will know I’m the worst for hangovers, terrible! 202 more words

Terror: Vegetarier plötzlich weltweit unter Verdacht

SA-TIERE. Eine unglaubliche, sensationelle Verbindung brachte eine Studie der US-amerikanischen Fastfoodindustrie an die wissenschaftliche Oberfläche. Die Wissenschaftler fanden heraus, dass in jedem Vegetarier ein potentieller Terrorist steckt. 331 more words


Thursday 08.01.15

Woke up to a nice mild and dry morning cycled to the farm and fed the horses, came home and had got ready for work and treated myself to a MacDonald’s breakfast, had a very busy day in work but thankfully got some jobs finished, came home from work and had a lovely dinner and then we chilled out in front of the tv and got a early night

Every Day Stuff

Gandhi insult should result in the marketing team being fired

What were they thinking?

When New England Brewery Company put an image of Gandhi on their beer cans in India, their marketing team were obviously as stupid as the MacDonalds team who tried to sell beef burgers some years back in India. 35 more words


Why Relatable Miss Renton

Tonight I almost cried on my boyfriend because I ate MacDonalds. Yep you’re reading this right – cried over a MacDonalds!! And they would not have been tears of joy let me tell you. 424 more words