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Monte Cassino

It was one of those days again. I woke up pretty much as normal at about seven. It was cloudy having been raining off and on all night. 1,096 more words

اطلب من ماكدونالدز عن طريق الانترنت

اليوم قعد الصبح و حدي يوعان و مالي خلق اطلع اتريق ابي شي زاهب و يوصل و اشتهيت اتريق بان كيك مال ماكدونالدز دورق رقهم بالانترنت ولا اتفاجىء انه تقدر تطلب من الانترنت و يقولك حالة الطلب و حركات … اتركم مع الصور و بالعافية مقدما

للطلب من الموقع


I love burgers! Review: Cuzzy Bro's in Osu

I love burgers

I love BBQs…with good burgers

I used to love Mcdix burgers, but I grew ( if you do still eat there, make sure to smother your burger with sweet and sour sauce. 200 more words

Accra, Ghana

Modern Macca's

songmw’s friend has build a Modern MacDonald’s with a mouthwatering façade.

The building is fully furnished, with a McCafe and upstairs dining area.  There’s even a full  crew to serve up your favourite McValue Meal. 7 more words


Connecting brand and price

By Mark Di Somma

As technology and globalised business models continue to deliver efficiencies and new opportunities, every sector will face disruptive pricing that in effect re-costs what the market would otherwise pay. 786 more words


Time is a variable

I guess yesterday’s blog might have sounded a bit flat: “an unremarkable day”. But it wasn’t. It was just a reflection that not every day can be special, or different. 820 more words

I am totes all about that bass at the moment...not in a good jolly song way

Well I’ve been doing really well; losing a kg a week, sticking with the gym and hitting the weights hard. Then my PT went on holiday and all hell broke loose. 322 more words