Macedonian: 17th Annual Macedonian Festival


One of the best things about embarking on this little quest of mine is that, even in the limited time that I have been writing this blog, I have already uncovered so many interesting niches of cultures that I might otherwise have just driven by without even noticing.   656 more words

The mountain cheese home

The venue of Macedonian Mountain cheese presidium of Slow Food is situated.
The place where a cheese tasting will be held this October, as a part of the Cheese Tour we’ve prepared for all of you cheese-lovers! 12 more words


Skopje, Macedonia


I’m now in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

Tried to get a bus to Kosovo but the woman at the ticket booth denied all existence of it (even though the hostel owner had got times for it just an hour before). 569 more words


MACEDONIA : Lozano gets fruity with 'Mandarina'

MACEDONIA – Eurovision 2013 singer Lozano gets fruity with his new song and video for ‘Mandarina’. I don’t think I have seen so many juicy bits since I drank a gallon of orange juice! 257 more words


He was a Football Fan

(Photographed at the cemetery of Prilep in Macedonia.)


We didn't have money for a real church

After a very steep climb on my hike from Prilep to Treskavec Monastery in Macedonia, I was greeted by this model of a church in the middle of a field which will never be harvested due to its inaccessibility and altitude. 93 more words