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No. 7 Barranco to Barafu

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves  – Sir Edmund Hillary

When hastily planning my trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, it was my general understanding that the hike would entail about five days of walking at increasingly high altitudes, but that the true and only real test would be Summit Night, the final 4,400 foot ascent to Uhuru Peak. 3,834 more words


No. 5 Ngaje Ngai, "The House of God"

In the morning it was dark and cold. We were wakened at 6:00 am by a porter who shook our tent and told us to get up.  3,146 more words


No. 4 Impatiens Kilimanjari

July 16, we woke very early and easily. It felt like Christmas morning and we were filled with anticipation. A lot had to be done before departing for Mt. 2,990 more words


No. 2 She's Coming in Twelve-Thirty Flight

The morning of July 13, the day I left Washington, I felt nauseated, overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear. What had I been thinking planning to go on this trip alone, and with so little time to plan and prepare! 1,086 more words


Day Minus 6 - Kilimanjaro - Route Options July 14th 2014

These are the route options as such (see below). I didn’t really debate, create excel sheets to choose one of them.

I am married to the guide and the group I am going with and whatever comes with it, so there wasn’t really a choice there. 406 more words


Climbing Kilimanjaro!

On Friday, June 27th I reached Uhuru Peak at 6:20 AM. I was absolutely elated to be up there but I was barely registering what I had just done. 4,350 more words