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An MBA In Less Than 400 Pages? Read on...

Time to add this one to the bookshelf, people – if for no other reason than for all of the graphics and charts, including the two I’ve shared here: 170 more words


6 Leadership Lessons of a Machiavellian Manager

Desperate to get control over her misbehaving children, Suzanne Evans turned to Niccolo Machiavelli’s famous sixteenth-century book about politics, The Prince, and used his “manipulative rules” to bring order to the chaos. 765 more words


Politics and Morality-Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli lived in Florence from 1469-1512. Florence was a hotbed of corruption, violence and intrigue and Machiavelli held an official post in one government, then was imprisoned by the next. 536 more words


Machiavelli on Leadership part 1

What is leadership all about? As we found out at our recent ECPR workshop, many of our ideas lead back to that most straight talking of theorists, Niccolo Machiavelli, author of… 432 more words


Studying Rare Books and Their Relevance in a Digital Age

Studying Rare Books and Their Relevance in a Digital Age

In the following post, I share my thoughts on a graduate seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts taken back in 2010 and reflect on the relevance of this type of technical training in a changing higher education and its relevance in a digital age.  21 more words

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Singapore - Case Study of a Machiavellian State

I have recently read Machiavelli’s The Prince, and I am struck by the similarities between Machiavelli’s ideal form of governance and Singapore. The form of governance Singapore takes, the so-called ‘Asian Democracy’ is akin to that described by Machiavelli. 647 more words

Santa Croce Church

Santa Croce church holds a special place in our hearts, one reason being its sheer proximity- it is a 2 minute walk straight down our street towards the Arno. 96 more words

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