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Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism...

Jordan walked into Black Hawk’s cell while Black Hawk sat reading a book on his bed. This was one of three times Jordan had been to his cell which was more than anyone other than his cell mate had entered. 1,099 more words

Billionaires And Bastards

The Renaissance to Descartes

General Characteristics

Overall, this characterised the diminishing power of the church against the increasing authority of science. The increase in scientific knowledge saw the end of the middle ages as man began to discover more and more about the Earth and why it is what it is – whatever that is. 2,656 more words

One Step Bronte

Leadership Change Through The Centuries

A Comparison of Leadership Models From the Pre-Classical Era To The Post-Modernism Era

Views of how people ought to be led have changed through time. This post will give the reader an understanding of the basic changes in leadership models relative to the pre-classical, classical, modernism, and post-modernism eras of time. 1,408 more words


Tweet Your Way To CEO!

My upbringing instructed that whining and defeat are not acceptable … The Jewish home by nature one where if breathing you go for it. Circumstances presented many times in my life made that teaching a REAL G-d sent. 765 more words


Books I’ll Never Read:

I’ve started listening to audiobooks I sit in traffic on the way to and from work.  It has given me a chance to enjoy some great works of literature that I would never have found the time to sit down and read otherwise. 1,216 more words

Growing Up

Smooth or What?

Chocolate Soldier

So I sent some dark chocolate confection round to EdZilla and some Dairy Milk to Valkerie – it’s okay; she’s blonde. It always works.   783 more words

Adult Humour

Robert Greene’s insights into power and mastery

How is it that a classics major, a guy who reportedly held 80 jobs, and a not-so-successful screenwriter became the big man of big ideas in a span of 15 years, now  1,871 more words