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Takeaway #189: Credible Threat?

      “…She need to get a, piece of the American pie and take her bite out

That’s my house, I’ll disconnect the cable and turn the lights out… 120 more words

New Essay and Illustration

New Essay (Paperback and Kindle formats):

Machiavelli and the Jesuits. An Introduction

Maquiavelo y los Jesuitas. Una introducción

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Machiavelli and the Jesuits / Maquiavelo y los Jesuitas

New essay:

Machiavelli and the Jesuits. An Introduction 

Maquiavelo y los Jesuitas. Una introducción

at Amazon worldwide

A view from Calton Hill

Heraclitus, the notoriously enigmatic pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, thought that existing objects could be characterised by pairs of contrary properties, and that these properties, by virtue of the tension between them, were essential to the continued flourishing of the whole. 2,080 more words

Machiavelli in the Fifth Dimension

Do the ends justify the means? This six-word statement has been around for centuries as people use this phrase to decide whether or not their actions are justifiable for the result. 536 more words

The Personal Is Political

According to the story, Machiavelli might have actually been aiming this quote at the reining Medici family of his day.  However, since the 16th century when it was made, it has struck a chord of relevance all the way into the 21st.

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Marion Barry: "Mayor for Life"

Marion Barry, the former mayor and councilman of Washington, D.C., was announced dead this morning at 78. As a D.C. resident myself, for nearly all of my life I’ve learned of (and followed) Barry’s conflicting relationship with fulfilling his role as an effective politician. 885 more words

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