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Dulce et Decorum Est

Today is Armistice Day. On November 11th, 1918, the world came together in the realization that war is so horrific it must be ended immediately, and the armistice signed in France signified an end to World War I – the “war to end all wars.” 376 more words


Planes and Things

 Planes played a big part during the Second World War, both generally and on a personal level.

My first encounter with an enemy plane was cool, and to some degree impersonal. 985 more words


Backlash against the 1033 program


Recently, in response to a local outcry over aggressive policing tactics, San Jose, California’s police department announced plans to return its MRAP, and the Los Angeles school system police department has agreed to return its three grenade launchers.

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Machine Guns

I’ve never held one
but I’ve seen them in the movies.
Maybe I’m just not
violent enough,
so I bought a loud typewriter

Nice Catch, Ernest. Why Is That Fish Full of Holes?

Author Ernest Hemingway was an accomplished fisherman. He caught 7 marlin in one day — a world record at the time. Some of his techniques were not very sportsmanlike, however, such as shooting sharks with a submachine gun.