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That Arizona Uzi shooting by a 9-year-old girl is one of several hundred accidental shootings that will happen this year

By now you’ve probably heard about the nine-year-old girl who accidentally shot a gun instructor at a shooting range in Arizona. For those who haven’t, the girl lost control over the Uzi submachine gun she was handling after the instructor switched the gun from semi-automatic—which fires a single bullet at a time—to automatic, which sets off a cascade of bullets such as you might see in, say,  296 more words

Chickens, Cows and RPGs

Tuk Tuk Driver: So where do you want to go today?

Me: Hmm, not sure…. How about to a gun range to shoot a machine gun, everyone that comes to Cambodia shoots a machine gun. 292 more words



The Wild West has migrated east
The Middle East near and far
Where the horse has been superseded
By the pick-up, the land cruiser and the car… 126 more words


US police armed with 93,763 new machine guns

If Ferguson, Missouri, looks like a war zone, that may be because its police force is armed to the teeth with military equipment. In photographs from this week’s protests… 161 more words


The USDA Should NOT Have Submachine Guns

Screen Shot Taken from the GSA Website – Red highlighting has been added by me.

By: Tisha T. Casida

Why on earth would an agency charged to “regulate” agriculture need  232 more words

Tisha Casida

'Naked Mountie' guilty of gun charges despite police rights violation

A retired RCMP officer-turned-gun-trafficker has been found guilty of possessing an arsenal of illegal weapons that included machine guns and anti-personnel landmines, but he might receive a vastly reduced sentence after a judge found police violated his rights by illegally detaining him for more than two weeks without laying any charges. 757 more words

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My Mother’s Machine-gun

by: johneharrison

In October of 1967 my unit, the fabled 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment of World War II, Band of Brothers fame, deployed to Vietnam as part of the 101st Airborne Division. 1,814 more words