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#2 - Linear Regression with One Variable

In my last post I talked about two types of machine learning algorithms – supervised and unsupervised. The linear regression model comes under the first category. 738 more words

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Dreaming is Important to Generalize Efficiently

Imagine you have a very simple “knowledge memory” that stores knowledge as an associative array (or map) of ”key=>value” pairs. This memory supports the operators: 508 more words

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A Thousand Exponentially Smaller Hyper-sausages: a Toy Model for Learning Certain Complex Problems

The Toy Model

First consider the following toy problem:

  • the input data distribution is a mixture of very many (perhaps infinite) components of localized distributions (e.g.
  • 490 more words
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Kernel Function

Standard SVM is able to find a large margin hyperplane and therefore produce a pretty good classifier. But there is still a major drawback to the approaches: it can not deal with nonlinear data. 241 more words

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Intuition Behind Whitening Image Patches

In the Stanford Deep Learning tutorial, whitening is introduced as a powerful pre-processing step for feature learning.

There is an interesting paper published by Adam Coates and Andrew Ng from Stanford and Honglak Lee from the University of Michigan where, among other findings, they demonstrate the important role of whitening for feature learning. 1,434 more words


New web app aims to bring Synapsify's text ranking to the masses

Synapsify, a startup that ranks the best information out there on a given subject so you don’t have to, just┬álaunched a web-based app that aims to make all that machine learning usable by mere mortals. 305 more words

Neural Network Back-Propagation and De-Modularizing

I ran across an unusual scenario recently where it was beneficial to “de-modularize” some code. I’m not sure if “de-modularize” is a word or not, but I mean refactoring some code that was in two functions to one larger function. 610 more words

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