You Are The Revolution.

So usually I try and write with some sort of plan as to what I am going to write. At very least I like to have an idea. 1,366 more words


Secrets Machine Design 5th Edition

Do you have a machine designl idea but no means of illustrating it? When an idea is only in your head it’s hard to see it clearly, translate it to other people and to progress forward to full realisation. 277 more words


Four Methods To Recycle Washing Machine Drums

Got a broken washing machine lying around and you have no idea of how to recycle an previous washing machine drum? You can create a pendant lamp, an ottoman, a wall light or even or you can enjoy the starry nights with out receiving goose bumps by constructing yourself an elevated fire … … 7 more words

Video Ranking Machine - How to rank Youtube videos in Google


Video Ranking Machine
Learn the tactics that are working to rank videos in Google and Youtube.

Illy Caffe Y11 216623 Touch Espresso Machine Red Background

If you have a very busy way of life you must not be lacking an espresso coffee machine and especially a espresso pod machine. With all the new varieties of coffee coming up day by day, you will want a good quality… 351 more words


Preventing an autonomous-systems arms race

Source: KurzweilAI, April 21, 2014

A study by AI researcher Steve Omohundro just published in the Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence (open access) suggests that humans should be very careful to prevent future autonomous technology-based systems from developing anti-social and potentially harmful behavior. 176 more words


Close Mistake

He almost lost his hand that day! That would have been really bad considering that he was physically disabled, the force of the endmill spinning would have pulled his legs from under him so quick that you would of thought he was trying to dive down because of a live grenade. 1,695 more words

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