Cyber Soldier of Darkworld

[ Machine ]

A mechanical soldier that won’t stop attacking until all life readings have been extinguished from its sensors.

ATK / 1400   DEF / 1200


What are Telescopic Truck Cranes ?

Telescopic truck cranes are heave-lifting equipment which can be manufactured in different types and sizes. These truck cranes advanced engineering and manufacture process, provide costumers safety, high productivity and value. 318 more words


Mackintosh Low-Back Ingram Chair

One of the classes at Rural Studio was a furniture making course. My partner (Richard Bryant) and I chose to build the Mackintosh Low-Back Ingram Chair using modern jointery like mortise and tenon, dowel, and finger joints. 137 more words


Once, I was a Lir

There’s a little girl about one year old who wants to hug the baby monkey in the room.  I’m a little nervous because the young monkey, although small, about the same size as the baby girl, has a strong, full set of teeth and powerful limbs.  430 more words


Global and China Breathing Machine Industry 2014 Market Research Report - QY Research

Research Report on Global and China Breathing Machine Industry 2014 Market Research Report. The Report includes market price, demand, trends, size, Share, Growth, Forecast, Analysis & Overview. 63 more words

Market Research Report

Battery Vending Machine China

Some cool nc machining China images:

Battery Vending Machine China

Image by Rubin Starset
No joke, vending machine, on the street, selling batteries.

Map: (Sonota), Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan… 214 more words