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Machu Picchu

We visited Machu Picchu close to halfway through our trip, after having a few days to acclimate to higher altitudes in Cusco. It was amazing! We were fairly lucky, as the days before and after were rainy and heavily cloudy but on the day we went it was clear and only mildly cloudy. 2,980 more words

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Machu Picchu


There was no coca tea this morning; instead, a 4am wake up and a rush to the finish to ensure we made it up to the Sun Gate for sunrise. 788 more words

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Cusco and Machu Picchu

There’s so much hype around Cusco and Machu Picchu that I found it difficult to get pumped up about visiting. But there’s a reason it’s popular and despite all the people and above average prices I did really enjoy it. 523 more words



Peru now has a total of 12 World Heritage Sites, with the recent inclusion of the Great Inca Trail. In June UNESCO granted the Inca… 386 more words

The Inca Trail - Day 3


Another day, another 5am wake up call. But luckily we were once again roused from our slumber with mugs of warming coca tea.

This time it was bread and porridge for breakfast, selected to keep us going during the long day of walking that lay ahead – much of which we were warned would be downhill. 633 more words

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The Inca Trail - Day 2


‘Good morning, guys. Would you like some coca tea?’

No words could be more pleasant when you’re being woken up from your tent at just after 5am. 598 more words

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The Inca Trail - Day 1


We were advised to fuel up with a big breakfast today, prior to being picked up with by Pedro and Hans at 8am. Then, with our worldly possessions for the next four days in tow, we were packed into a minibus and driven to kilometre 82, the official starting point for the famous Inca Trail. 969 more words

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