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Legenhausen's Book Review of Alasdair MacIntyre's Whose Justice? Which Rationality?

Dr. Legenhausen wrote a thoughtful review of┬áWhose Justice? Which Rationality? by the important Catholic Aristotelian philosopher, Alasdair MacIntyre. Legenhausen’s review also gives the book some context by looking at MacIntyre’s most important work… 534 more words


What is the Common Good?: Part 4 of a Theology of the Common Good

If human goodness is defined by human nature, then one cannot understand human goodness without first asking what human nature is. To ask about human nature in the normative sense is to ask what the shape of a well-lived human life is. 1,415 more words


The Nihilistic Logic of Economic Globalization: Part 2 of a Theology of the Common Good

At this point, it seems appropriate to ask how economic globalization is causing inequality. According to Cavanaugh and Mander, there are eight key features of economic globalization: 1,186 more words