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Film Review: Interstellar

With the Earth’s food supplies running out, farmer and former astronaut Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) travels across the universe in search of an alternative home for Earth’s inhabitants. 579 more words

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Film Review - Interstellar

Let’s not rabble on about how Christopher Nolan knows how to make an intelligent blockbuster; it was established a number of years ago that he treats his audience like the intelligent people that we are, and this is what we expect of him now. 1,066 more words

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I'll Review Anything: Interstellar (Spoiler Free)

Be honest: before he made the (mostly superb) Dark Knight trilogy, did anyone care for Christopher Nolan? Oh, he did make acclaimed films, like Following and Mememto. 963 more words

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I can't stop thinking about: Interstellar

So far, I’ve seen experienced Interstellar twice. I’ve been having Nolan cravings all week so I’ve prescribed another viewing this weekend.

But for now, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom that I just can’t stop thinking about: 90 more words


Interstellar (2014) Dir. Christopher Nolan

Complex and curious (and not an alien movie….YES!)   A good choice for the big screen

Written by brothers Jonathan and Christopher Nolan, Interstellar (2014) is one of the most intricate storylines that I have seen in a long time.   510 more words

Interstellar - review

Interstellar is set in the not so distant future, the earth is failing, crops won’t grow and we need a way out. A new planet to start again and there is only one man to pilot the shuttle to space and beyond, that’s Matthew McConaughey. 375 more words




“Anything that can happen, will happen.”

 I’m not usually one for ‘blockbusters’. I guess I don’t really like that word either. I would usually choose a low-budget Mike Leigh feature over a Hollywood money-guzzler. 516 more words