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Snow and Ice - Palm Trees and Ocean Waves - We've Got It All 12/21/2014

LOL!  When I looked at the thermometer a little while ago, it was almost 72; so I’m going to begin by spiriting you away to our magical island, where the landscape looks like what – in my mind, at least – Christmas is supposed to look like! 970 more words

Palm trees wave, are you listenin'?

 Palm trees wave, are you listenin’?

In the pool, water’s glistenin’,

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight

Livin’ in a FLORIDA Wonderland.

Gone away is the blizzard, 1,121 more words

Mackinac Island

Main Street, Mackinac Island

Looking through some pictures from last summer, here is one from a favorite destination of mind, Mackinac Island. To be there again. And I will be next year, when it is warm(er) and hopefully sunny. 15 more words


Sunrise Flight

Sunrise Flight, photo by ptpomber

Safe & quick flights … and travels of any kind this weekend. Speaking of flight, if anyone can identify… 28 more words


November Snowfall

The snow had disappeared for a bit, but now that it’s back I don’t feel so bad posting these pretty snow pics of Mackinac Island… as always, more to come soon. 12 more words

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Chapter 3

Heather couldn’t believe what she saw in front of her.

On top of Anne’s Tablet was a man sprawled out on his back, as if soaking up the sun. 976 more words

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Mackinac Straits tales

The tale of three cities on the Straits

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Note: The Straits tales continue from Nov. 19 under the title of the Tale of Three Cities. 431 more words

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