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Is Hip Hop Headed The Way of Jazz?

- Ben Williams

In my analysis of my career options catering mostly to a Hip Hop audience, I have come to the realization that I am never going to strike it rich. 534 more words


“No’s” limit everyone, especially yourself.  They are selfish, sometimes rude and I hate them.

Scrap ‘em.

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your “No’s” are a pain in the ass to those around you? 737 more words


"The Heist" stole my bad habits.

The featured image showcases what I think is my first true failure of a T-shirt. It is the first of many, mark my words.

Looking back at my time at Stanford from almost the end, it seems like a montage. 673 more words


What I'm Wearing (October 21st 2014)

Rocking the Macklemore Bro Tank today! My best friend and I got these bro tanks for the 2013 Macklemore concert, the concert was fantastic! He’s probably one of the best performers that I’ve ever seen live. 23 more words

My Closet

Where The Hell Are Macklemore And Ryan Lewis?

The other day I was flipping through the radio and “Can’t Hold Us” from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis was on. Despite being completely played out, the quality of the duo’s second single is unmistakable, so I let it run. 432 more words


Mary Lambert Talks About How 'Sexy Ain't a Size' with Gregg, Freddy and Amanda

“There’s a lot of us trying to dismantle the celebrity culture of ‘thin is the only way to be beautiful’. Thin is beautiful, but so is curvy and so is plus size.

441 more words



In less snarky and/or sarcastic news, NFL living legend Peyton Manning threw his record-setting 509th TD pass against San Francisco tonight. The TD pass moved him in to sole possession of first place, finally passing notorious sexting-pioneer Brett Favre. 138 more words