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‘Mieszkałem naprzeciwko, więc czasem go widywałem, ale rzadko, nie znaliśmy się ze szkoły ani z podwórka. Ja byłem starszy, poza tym on niewiele czasu spędzał na ulicy, zazwyczaj był w domu, nie wiem czy sam nie chciał, czy rodzice go nie puszczali.’ 592 more words


Macondo aka Aracataca

15.-16. January

We leave Cartagena around noon, by bus via Barranquilla we get to Arakataka. It’s already dark. We find the hostel “Casa Morelli” founded by a Dutch man and we decide to stay for two nights. 544 more words


Macondo aka Aracataca

15.-16. Stycznia

Z Cartageny wyjeżdżamy w okolicach południa, autobusem przez Barranquillę docieramy do Arakataki. Jest już po zmroku. Znajdujemy hostel “Casa Morelli”, założony tutaj przez pewnego Holendra. 473 more words


"I follow my feeling” An Interview with Fausto Giaccone

Italian photographer Fausto Giaccone’s works from his beautiful photo book ‘Macondo’ is the centre point of the Sensorium art festival being held at Sunapranta Goa Centre for Arts from December 6. 808 more words


Macondo (2014)

Director: Sudabeh Mortezai
Writer: Sudabeh Mortezai
Cast: Ramasan MinkailovAslan ElbievKheda Gazieva
Part of: Viennale

Ramasan (Ramasan Minkailov) and his family fled from the war in Chechnya and came to Vienna where they’ve been living in an apartment complex filled with refugees. 336 more words


Requiem for a nun, William Faulkner

What strikes the reader first when approaching Requiem for a nun is its curious combination of drama (in the sense of theatre form) and narrative. One could think of it as a random decision, that, for whatever reason, Faulkner thought that some parts of the book worked better as a novel and some others as a play, that is, with a predominance of dynamism and dialogues above description. 711 more words


Viennale 2014 - Day 7: Macondo

Austria 2014
Written by Sudabeh Mortezai
Directed by Sudabeh Mortezai

My first thought after watching this movie was that something can be said about the traditional “hero journey” movie structure, where the main protagonist has to overcome some outer or inner obstacle, and during the course of this struggle, grows or at least changes as a person. 385 more words

Cinema 2014