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Decorigami – Macramé Madness

If you are anything like me then you have an unnatural obsession with textiles.  It is my love of textiles that got me interested in the process of making textiles and wanting to learn to weave my own.  394 more words


Macrame the sailors artistry...

I thought I would start macraming again. I have been perfecting this art since 1970.
It’s been a few months since I have indulged myself, for I have been ill; however, I’m better now and I have missed tying my hemp knotts terribly! 27 more words


Pretty Angel Wings..

Recently I ‘ve started to branch out in my jewelry making from the normal items I make.  I’ve been feeling for quite some time that I needed to “Step My Game Up ” and think a little more outside or around the box.   268 more words

A River, a Log, 9lbs and Chocolate Bread

Happy Sunday! I hope everybody is enjoying their Sunday morning. I want to give you a quick rundown of our week and let you know how the lifestyle change (don’t like calling it a diet) is going. 1,632 more words

Man!, I like that

What is it that makes us like something?  What is triggered in the brain that makes something desirable? I know that sometimes we want what we can’t have or what is not usual. 197 more words