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Show Stopper!!

This little one flow straight in through the open kitchen sliding door thinking the window on the opposite side of the room was the way to go. 89 more words


Monday Macro!

That detail got you sitting up? I really hope so because this photo is the first one on the blog taken with the new toy. Yep, Taxman Santi arrived early so the happy household now sports a Nikon 3300. 40 more words


Boat in a Bottle - Storm in a Teacup?

You’ve all seen the boats in the bottle, however, how many of you have seen a butterfly in a cup? Well, strictly speaking it’s not a cup as it can’t hold water. 157 more words


Flights of Fancy!

Here’s one that took a bit of doing. This may, in time, turn out to be my best butterfly photo. We worked hard to make it happen. 113 more words


Friday's Floral Facts

Angel’s fishing rod. Now there’s a thought. I’m sure you’ll agree when I say the common name for the Dierama is somewhat more evocative than the botanical name. 48 more words