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Antelope horns milkweed pod, seeds, and fluff

Here from February 1, 2013, are some seeds and fluff that I was surprised to find being released at that time of year from the pod of an antelope horns milkweed, … 21 more words


Lily Nectar

I noticed one of the Lily flowers in my bouquet had started to open up. When I peered inside I was greeted by this wonderful sight, the Lily secreting nectar.


Yellow Eyes in Dark Boxes

First post in 2015 ft. my school’s famous “flob  cat” being fierce and all. (Plot twist: she’s very kind and likes to be petted! Surprisingly, she lets people pet her kittens, too.)

Rain Day Brings Out the Macro Lens

It’s been a rainy three days in Tucson, which means in the morning, before the sun burns off the water, it’ll be a good time to get out the macro lens and try your hand at capturing those rain drops parked on the leaves. 283 more words

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