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Make her day...


Give a living, potted flower to an elderly friend… whom you expect nothing in return except for maybe a big, fresh smile!



There's an Avalanche on Cupcake Mountain!

I’m telling you I have the best students in the world. When I strongly suggest that they bring in some edible goodies during our macro session, some of them listen, and some of them far exceed my expectations. 75 more words


Portrait of a Lightning Bug

Fireflies, a.k.a. lightning bugs, are neither flies nor bugs (in the technical sense), but rather they are beetles. Our open-mouthed friend above didn’t give me many chances to hit the shutter release, but of the few shots I managed, I got this dandy — a personal favorite that I like so much I’m not even going to grouse about the lack of focus on those wide open mandibles. 72 more words

Macro Photography