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A Dance with the Beautiful Peggy Olson

I finished Mad Men guys.  I have an article to write summing up my experiences with it, but for now I’m settling with some fan art of my favorite character in the series, Peggy Olson.   29 more words


The Best Thing About 'Mad Men' Is Now Gone

With all due respect to Don’s existential sadness, Roger’s sarcasm, Peggy’s spunk, Joan’s assests, Sally’s style, Betty’s bitch face, Bob Benson’s loud bathing suits, Pete’s receding hairline, Ken’s dancing, Megan’s general Zou Bisou Bisou-ness, Trudy’s Alison Brie, Glen’s creepiness, Ginsberg’s lone nipple, and all 83 Bobby Drapers, … 24 more words


In love: brass + glass

This might just be my greatest find yet. Seriously, I’m in love. This gorgeous brass and smoked glass coffee table was gathering dust and sadly overlooked in a home supply re-store out in cottage country. 124 more words


“Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern.”


Summer Movies: What Happened to Happy?

I love dark, complex movies.  I’m a big fan of cable TV anti heroes.  I think hiring Bryan Singer, the director of that clever little drama The Usual Suspects to direct the big budget superhero movie The X-Men was a masterstroke, and popcorn movies have been the better for it since then. 851 more words