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Coffee at the Kitchen Table: A Mad Men Inspiration by Patricia Ann McNair

Two weeks in Paris, Philip and I. Him, teaching. Me…well, nothing really. Keeping house. Grocery shopping. Dinner. Playing Betty to Philip’s Don Draper. Our own little episode of… 2,149 more words

Feature Issues

The Brilliance of Mad Men and Q&A With Matthew Weiner

I’ve been watching Mad Men again in advance of the final run of episodes.  Other than the mighty Deadwood, which I believe is the Shakespeare of our time, I think… 188 more words

Blowing Out My Candles

Tomorrow marks another year I’ve blessed this planet with my presence—what year, you ask?  Silly you, I’m no good with numbers.  Let’s just say I’m somewhere north of 39. 1,020 more words

Random Thoughts

Alcoholism: Poison to Relationships

The modern version of Annie currently in theaters shows Hannigan, a 40-something showbiz washout played by Cameron Diaz. She is verbally abusive to orphans that she is charged to watch. 895 more words


Mad Men

I just started this show last week on Netflix (thanks, Leonel), and I’m hooked. So after not feeling all that great on my day off, it’s been nice to just sit on the couch under a blanket, with Mad Men playing on the big TV in the living room. 137 more words

Things To Be Thankful For

TV Crimes

I suppose it’s unfair and prejudiced to dismiss works I’ve never tried to appreciate, but I truly cannot get into the current so-called Golden Age of dramatic television.   612 more words


Letters for Friday, Jan. 23

East-west runway might have been better choice

Is the new runway really oriented in the right direction? Did we really have to close Barlow Trail access? 1,158 more words

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