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Naruto Not Gon Cry Shippuuden 382 Review

This was an emotional roller coaster episode. Yes sir I promised myself I won’t cry. Yet I couldn’t help myself but shed a man tear. So much passion…. 523 more words

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Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

There’s too many to choose from, but I think my favourite kind is the one who trolls the heroes. Aizen from Bleach, I know others won’t agree, but he was great because he was like the ultimate troll. 361 more words


Naruto Holy Fist Bump Shippuuden 380 Review

Fellow Naruto Fans!!! Today is NARUTO BIRTHDAY!!! Woot!!! This episode was without a shadow of a doubt pretty special. This was a rare opportunity to see Naruto actually showing the fruit of his training.Lets dig in! 509 more words

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The True Hokage - Naruto 694 Review

This Chapter in a nutshell!

Hey guys its Hauntinglime back after a long break and I think its about damn time I review a chapter of Naruto…

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Naruto Sage Shippuuden 378 Review

Fellow Naruto fans I apologize for the late blog. Been busy with training at work and didn’t get to have the time. Also this episode was to awesome to just rush off. 820 more words

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Sage of Six Paths vs Madara

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The Sage of Six Paths is a pretty tough guy to be sure, but Madara definitely takes this round. His skills as a shinobi are very impressive and he is effective in all forms of combat. 24 more words