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Sage of Six Paths vs Madara

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The Sage of Six Paths is a pretty tough guy to be sure, but Madara definitely takes this round. His skills as a shinobi are very impressive and he is effective in all forms of combat. 24 more words


Kaguya vs Madara

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Kaguya is back and she’s up against one of the strongest Naruto villains in existence. Controversially, I would say that Madara is the strongest villain in the series. 61 more words


Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

I have had both Madara Sun Flower tinting fluid and Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid for quite some time.

In summers past, I’ve enjoyed sun flower, which is a warmer tone. 413 more words

Trallallā Ziemupē, 23.08.2014.




Atpūtas pasākums “maDARA”. Paldies biedrībai “Ziemupīte”, Dainai un Daigai.


Naruto Team 7 Shippuuden 373 Review

This episode was nostalgia! Point and case! We had all the teams strutting dem stuff! Sadly it took only one dude to stir such emotions. That blasted boy name Sasuke. 879 more words

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Looduslikud deodorandid

Loodusliku deodorandi otsinguid alustasin umbes 5 aastat tagasi, kui ootasin oma esimest last. Peaaegu sama kaua läkski aega, ennem kui leidin tõesti toimiva alumiiniumivaba deodorandi. Aga kõigest järjekorras. 1,017 more words

Naruto Epic Episode Shippuuden 372 Review

Awesome. This episode was awesome. Finally some closure. Everything that I wanted to see happened. I literally screamed like a little girl. No lie. Nearly wet myself. 962 more words

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