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Powerlifting Meet

Squat: 430, 470, 470

Bench: 325, 350, 370

DL: 485, 515, 540

Total: 1380 (75 lb pr from last year)

1st place and actually had 4 other lifters in my class. 63 more words


Taper Worm

Madcow there today doing light lifting with his gf. He’s a 181 lb guy who weighs 181. He’s 5’11 though and after this meet says he wants to go up to at least the 198s. 89 more words

Workout Log


Either this is the equivalent of bending your knees and sinking low before you make a high jump. Or it’s the penultitimate chapter of a training program that left me weaker than when I started. 248 more words

Workout Log

Rhodiola Rage

Came in the mail today. Got the NOW brand. Celica, did i waste my money? Do I need a satchel of the freshly harvested powder. Should I be snorting it or making tea? 549 more words

Workout Log