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Summer's Remains: Tuesday

The summer is dwindling away, and there’s still much to be done in my last week before I go back to work. Tuesday is a day for running those last summer errands: Post Office, donating things to Goodwill, selling books back to the used bookstore. 76 more words


Slip. Zip. Turn. Nod. Smile. Prepare for Compliments.

We love it when something great gets even better (cronuts, taxi-hailing apps, comfortable heels…), so it’s only natural that we’re constantly improving everything about our denim, the most important part of our wardrobes. 148 more words


Sweet Summertime

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – working in fashion is entirely to blame for my tendency to rush through the seasons. We aren’t even halfway through summer, and we are already setting out chunky sweaters and boots for fall. 140 more words


Twice Review by Mindfully Frugal Mom

See that purple shirt I’m wearing in the  “About” box on the top right corner of this page? That’s a $75 Anthropologie shirt. That I bought for $15 at… 69 more words


By the time I finally make the executive decision to crawl out of bed, it’s somehow Sunday evening and than Monday and than…WTF, I’m having my morning espresso, dark circles creeping under leftover mascara smudge, and bun high on my head to blend right in at the gym full of Lululemon-heads with biceps bigger than my… 99 more words

#MMH // Investment Piece

You know when you go shopping and then you come home and you question why you even bought some of things you purchased? No? That’s just me? 169 more words