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What if things weren't empty?

If things were not empty,
Then there would be neither achievement of that which has not been achieved;
Nor the act of ending suffering;
Nor the abandonment of all of the afflictions. 13 more words

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The Middle Way.

That which is dependent origination
is explained to be emptiness.
That, being a dependent designation,
is itself the middle way.

From the Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way
Skt. Mūla-madhyamakakārikā

Daily Dharma Quotes

Advayavada Study Plan - week 28

Dear friends,

The purpose of Advayavada Buddhism is to become a true part of the whole.

The purpose of the autonomous Advayavada Study Plan (ASP) 308 more words

Advayavada Study Plan

What do Buddhist buildings tell us about Buddhist communities in England?

Buddhism in Britain has received a reasonable amount of academic attention, particularly how various traditions and lineages have adapted to the British social and cultural context, but there has been little dedicated concern about the buildings that Buddhist communities build and use. 784 more words