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Seeing things truly.

Under the influence of eye disease, one erroneously discerns all kinds of things,
such as a hair floating across one’s field of vision.
But someone with perfect vision sees things just as they are; 21 more words

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Advayavada Study Plan - week 15

Dear friends,

The purpose of Advayavada Buddhism is to become a true part of the whole.

The purpose of the autonomous Advayavada Study Plan (ASP) 294 more words

Advayavada Study Plan

Meditate free from reference.

Those whose minds are completely beyond the alternatives of existence and non-existence,
do not abide in any fixed way.
They meditate intensively on the significance of this condition, 18 more words

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Ignorance obscures all.

Ignorance obscures the true nature of phenomena and therefore falsifies everything.
Any of its fabrications, which seem to be true,
were said by the Sage to be ‘relatively true.’ 11 more words

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The Center of the Sunlit Sky

The Center of the Sunlit Sky :
Madhyamaka  in the Kagyu Tradition
by Karl Brunnholzl

Madhyamaka  is a potent and universally accessible means of calming our suffering and awakening to our innate wisdom. 197 more words

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Eternalism and nihilism

Whenever existence is accepted on a relative level,
there is realism.
Whenever non-existence is maintained to be the case on the ultimate level,
there is nihilism. 14 more words

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The Ornament of the Middle Way

The Ornament of the Middle Way :
A Study of the Madhyamaka Thought of Shantarakshita
by James Blumenthal

This is the first book length study of the Madhyamaka thought of Shantarakshita in any Western language. 30 more words

Philosophy & Spirituality