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another little dream

imagining being sitting at the counter at the diner scribbling a not poem into a notebook about our theory of everything and comfortably numb to it all affecting him this way or that way or the other way with purple helium balloons floating up on the ceiling. 707 more words


White Rabbit's Eye

Prize in claw, Rotten Crow fled

Smiling, grinning beak

Opened wide to carry

The Eye of White Rabbit

When he reached a safe perch

He honored the world with a short victory dance… 135 more words

Rov's Journal: Entry #1

The Taker finally came ‘round to the underbelly of Ursula’s stewing hell-pot. I was able to woo paper off the yellow mouthed cretin. I expect writing to do little for me, but anything that may do help to dispel the hisses from my darkly friend across the wall I am willing to try. 268 more words


the alffliction of doubt.

when the $$$’s gone.
spent up as if it were real to begin with.
when we wake up and realize all we’ve sold for nothing. 141 more words



I find my brain interesting.
And my heart, I find my heart interesting too.
Science says the brain doesn’t feel anything.
Science also says the heart is just an organ like the brain, 300 more words