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Take a bite

I haven’t written in months
I have bit my tongue for quite some time now,
Perhaps because I know no one is listening, there is nothing to entertain and no one around. 24 more words

kids on bikes

as a spaceship hovers nearby we imagine him sitting before the computer hunched over the keyboard typing out a not poem manifesto report to the committee about our theory of everything that the world must know immediately before it’s too late for anything. 909 more words


The delicate mechanism

There is something happening with me uplately
I don’t know if to call it madness of purity of emotion
I thought it’s because of the puppies I am taking care of… 142 more words

what will your demon do?

I have a fascination with demons – the sort that live inside your head, and mine… the sort that are born of nightmare and fear, and also the ones that might be real. 327 more words

Thinking About Feeling

When Not to Let Go

There are times in life

When people must know

When not to let go.

Balloons, Kites and China Plates

Were designed

To teach us this.

Mad World

Elf Regional Final # 2 vs. #5

Christmas Vacation, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Scrooged have advanced to the Final Four. This we know for sure the Grinch will be in the Final Four. 68 more words