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From the sea

August 20 1937


To whom it may concern, my name is Frank Roberts. If you are reading this note then I am likely dead. If my plan succeeds then this note has been found among my possessions at my family estate. 1,101 more words


Who is this shell of a body?

Their is a shell were i should be. A shell with emotion draining from the fragments and figments of what used to be a fuller mind, With glossy black haze covering sight, and a body of dull emotionless pain. 117 more words


How to prepare yourself to see/watch a Horror Movie.

1. Go in with the mindset that Horror movies are not real, even the ones “based on true events”. Most real paranormal events are not that bad and dramatic. 392 more words

Boredom Is The True Monster

I can handle chaos. I can handle deadlines and stress. It calms my head to be able to put the chaos to order, piece by piece. 274 more words

Madness Regent

Hank has a clown to kill! Made for Madness Day 2008 on Newgrounds.Arrow keys to walk, A to shoot and S to jump. Press S in the air to double jump

Alice: Madness Returns - Happy Halloween!

Review by Vladi

In favor of Halloween, I figured I should cover a game worthy of the occasion. Without further ado, we delve into Alice: Madness Returns! 709 more words

PC Gaming

“The question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I, or the others crazy?”
Albert Einstein

Dissociative Identity Disorder