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The Story So Far, Part 4: The Fisher King

According to Arthurian legend, the Fisher King was a guardian of the Holy Grail.  On what had to be the worst day of this guy’s life, he suffered a terrible wound to the groin that left him infertile. 1,157 more words

to feel the world

I crest the top of the hill and turn left. It’s into the wind some but downhill, so I let the legs pick up the pace a bit. 390 more words


Mother dying in a mason jar

of white lightning after father

swallowed buckshot and baby brother

fled the country with kilos

spurting conspiracy, and big sister… 132 more words



Wild, zealous inamorata


He found her quite by chance

While journeying

Along a prosaic path

Not of his choosing


As is the way

For those adrift… 123 more words


And to what mogul,

nose caked in caveats

weeping sputum wracked bastard

my blood spilt like spoiled ink

on absinthe canvases do these

cemeteries bloom in Latin backwards? 224 more words


Of Madness and Hope

In every storm, there is a light;

A flood of color on the horizon.

It sings to us, the weary souls,

The inhabitants of stretching darkness. 55 more words