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Diary Excerpts 37

The Door was closed.

Because I had closed it behind me when I entered the Room.

If I had arrived a few moments before, I would have seen myself enter the Room. 99 more words

five worthless posts

Oh, WordPress will acknowledge the number, but, not those in need of power that is given in the blood refused. As the author fumes in the abundance of foolish men and women, as such is not reflected in the minds, or attitudes of billions . 77 more words

Finding Peace

Humans – they are everywhere and they are in my way. When I buy food in the grocery store, there is always somebody blocking off an aisle. 492 more words


There's no reason to be sad..if you are Mad!!

Many times we supress our feelings, our actions just because we are scared of other’s opinions but what when we do what we know and feel is right without caring about other’s judgements but caring about us then… 282 more words


dumping another load

or else the reality the world is as dimensionally flat as it appears with nothing hidden within it to be discovered.
we doubt that but it may be so insofar as most people are concerned about it being. 182 more words


Highlights of the week

Mwaramutse (good morning),

This week has flown by, I can’t believe we only have two weeks left! Every day that we are here I become more and more in love with Kigali. 445 more words

Family dynamics

“No energy to study kiss meeeeeee

“Go away you’re irritating.” *kisses cheek*

*Runs into study room flailing arms about*

“Last night I heard a child laugh and I nearly peed in my pants. 132 more words