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"I Do Not Live in the Woods" by Richard F. Yates

Recently, (as some of you may recall) I spent about two weeks without internet. This time “AWAY” accompanied my two week summer break from school, meaning that I had a bunch of time to kill and no internet to help kill it (meaning no Netflix, no Hulu, no YouTube, no email, no online games, and no Primitive Entertainment Workshop.) 632 more words


My time with the psychiatrist

My Time with the psychiatrist

Stop and see me
For five minutes

Get to know me
For five minutes

Label me and judge me
For five minutes… 45 more words


Bad Movie Madness ... yes, it is truly a disease

It’s our bad movie night again tonight. Not sure if we’ll go for Reb Brown in “Yor Hunter from the Future” or “Attack of the Killer Refrigerator” or “Killer Tongue.” 23 more words


One More Thing.

I’m having a pre-kickoff party at the new blog this weekend. A linkup for anyone who would like to write an “If We Were Having Coffee… 115 more words


When Your Brain is All Over the Place

I find myself kind of in a weird place at the moment, Squiders. Normally I am excellent at compartmentalizing my writing, at working on a single big project at a time (with some side smaller projects), and everything is fine and dandy and lovely and so forth. 566 more words



An old project I recently rediscovered. For more, go to http://theyllnevergetme.deviantart.com


Ya we have anger issues

Suspect because of whats done to us.
Were still manipulated in covert ways.
Were fed up with it.
Do you go with us? No!!
Just say in our face that you need someone ( in our case, someones ) to drive. 142 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder