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A Cacophony of Indulgence

Next door…
there is a party going on
and I’m sat on the other side of
the wall that separates me from the party.
I’m sat in mad loneliness… 176 more words


modern individualism

Madness may horrify is, but passion, strange eccentricity, careless and careful transgression – all the ingredients of modern individualism, of life lived to the full – are what fascinate us.

Adam Phillips :: Going Sane

Adam Phillips

a kind of truancy

Should the project be to attempt to cure ourselves, or to attempt to accept ourselves as we are? Should we, in short, think of our madnesses, our symptoms, as a toolkit we have evolved for getting by; or should we think of them as a kind of truancy from our lives, an evasion of what we need to do, a weakness?

Adam Phillips :: Going Sane

Adam Phillips

Inside my head...

There is someone inside my head…

I think it might be you!


“How much blood and horror is at the bottom of all ‘good things’!”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals/Ecce Homo

We think of victory and we think of all the fame and greatness that comes with it and we often forget about victims that needed to be sacrificed for the greater good of one nation, or of the world in general.

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Car Vandal Caught on CCTV

In Cumbria a vandal has been puncturing the tyres of cars over a six month period. Twenty four victims were amazed that the police could not catch the culprit. 9 more words


Ukraine crisis: Eve of worldwide destruction?

“Hate your next-door neighbor
But don’t forget to say grace”
– Barry McGuire, from Eve of Destruction

In an earlier post, I wondered if the Internet will survive as a financial tool, given all the hacking and deception going on there. 250 more words

Barry McGuire