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[TV] Hannibal - Hassun (S2E3)

Quick Recap:

The prosecution depicts Will as a psychopath who got too carried away creating profiles of murderers and became one himself. Jack is still unsure of his own convictions and he is encouraged to back the prosecution but when he is put on the stand, he does not offer evidence to damn Will but rather testifies against himself – he pushed Will too hard. 983 more words


Mads is Done!

Monday, I headed down to Borbay’s studio to get a look at the completion of my new art acquisition.
Isn’t he beautiful?  Jason goes into detail on the process of creating Mads Mikkelsen’s “Hannibal” … 325 more words


My Muse

This is my muse. Because of him, I create non stop. I love this man and what he’s done for my creativity.

Mads Mikkelsen

Acrylic paint on canvas, 16″ x 20″ 12 more words


The Public Movie Defender - "Clash of the Titans" (2010)

The idea behind The Public Movie Defender is to take up the cause of a particular movie that I believe is better than the majority of reviews it has received. 888 more words


Film Review: "The Hunt"


A curious anomaly in our justice system; the offence with the most severe penalty under law is not the crime toward which most people feel the most personal revulsion. 633 more words

Monday Madsness August 25th



Light television comadsy featuring Paul and Jaime Buchman as a recently married couple in New York City. They point out the gentle humor of domesticity and in the everyday situations of life.


[TV] Hannibal - Sakizuki (S2E2)

Quick Recap:

A man super-glued to corpses manages to tear himself away and tries to escape, only to be chased down and murdered. His body floats down a river. 1,124 more words