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[Magazine] KWAVE

The digital magazine for BTS has been released! The magazine itself includes many topics such as BTS editors talk, profiles of the boys, history, history scene, fans stories and lastly their pictorial in kwave!! 54 more words


Three Subscriptions (2014)

1. Newspaper.
2. Magazine.
3. Movie theater.
In style-
For those who go
more than  once in a while.


[Magazine] Ceci Special

Bangtan is featured in Ceci’s 20th Anniversary Limited Edition.
It comes with a magazine, a swarowski bracelet and a photocard of a member.

Unfortunately the Special Edition is already sold out, but you can still buy the Ceci 2014.10 magazine. 23 more words


[Magazine] 10Asia+Star

Bangtan is featured in 10Asia’s Magazine No.040, 2014.10.
30pages of the magazine are filled with Bangtan’s photos or interview.

The magazine costs around 10$ and you can order it, eg. 15 more words


21/12 - [Cine21 Instagram Update] Park Yoochun

21/12 – Park Yoochun

Source: cine_21
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All About Yuchun

Artist and Branding (The Talk) 👇❗❗❗

What Is Branding?
Branding is the Turning of a company/Object/Organization/person to a professional object/person that will be sold to an audience of choice in terms of business. 248 more words

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