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Domainer's Magazine: Spotlight on Anthony V. Pugliese III

Anthony V. Pugliese III Written by Jerry Nolte Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:25

Anthony V. Pugliese III is larger than life. And it’s not a matter of stature. 1,845 more words

Anthony Pugliese

Miley Cyrus Poses as Marilyn Monroe for Vogue Germany Art

Obsessed with this one…created summer 2014 

and Loving it!!

I”m into this New Way of doing Art…I create my piece then I get a solid background and then scribble vibrant colors ontop of it!!! 54 more words


First Lines - September 2014

September is just around the corner and so is our first edition! Here are some sneak-peek first lines to get the curiosity flowing! Next week we’ll give some fifth lines  and then some tenth lines and then last lines and then….The magazine will be out and you can read ALL the lines! 100 more words

Carrot Bean

Long Time, No Posts

I’m back! It’s been 15 days since I posted and that is not intentional at all! Out of the last 15 days I have spend 7 of them in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. 428 more words


Last week I took a day trip to New York to handle post grad business.  An interview here, couple meet ups there, and a few street style snaps pretty much made the day. 193 more words


Jazz, hands

This last weekend, I returned to Cambridge once more – staying at Sidney Sussex college, which is very central.  It did bring back memories of my own first year in college, which was similarly situated albeit in the dreaming spire adorned arch-enemy of my weekend destination.   750 more words

My beauty isn't even skin deep.

That picture you see, is a natural, unposed photo captured after a long day doing nothing other than taking in the sites. The woman pictured isn’t eye searingly ugly, she doesn’t make you want to claw your own eyes out, scrub them with bleach, disable your own retina and then remove all memories of having seen her does she? 308 more words