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Magdalene Retreats to the Cave by Tawni Waters

Climbing toward the lip of that cliff,

I recall

how have followed my love 

over the pockmarked surface of this earth,

kissing his feet, 

being felled by stones thrown by madmen… 174 more words

Poetically Yours

A new Ireland

Ordinarily we, at Waterford is Writing do not post opinionated entries on our blog. Tonight is different.

The story of Philomena Lee is one publicised the world over thanks to the book and film industry. 223 more words

Château de Montségur: Seat of the Cathars

We journeyed to this area for a couple reasons: To connect with a large crystal beneath the castle ruins and activate the crystalline codes within us. 454 more words

South France

The Period of Alignment by Mary Magdalene | Channeled Wisdom and Channelled Message | Natalie Glasson

Great New Channelling about the Period of Alignment by Mary Magdalene Channelled through Natalie Glasson, Sacred School of Om Na.
Check out this message, its worth a read and could change your perspective of life and yourself. 8 more words

The Da Vinci Code

I have read this book countless times and so, I truly believe that it deserves to be written about. I’m sure many people have read this book or watched the movie so this may be pointless but I feel like writing about this anyways. 269 more words