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I recently had my album reviewed in the 2014 winter edition of the musicians Union with glowing reports.

After going through the euphoria of seeing this review in print. 249 more words


Memories. You can taste them.

Tastes bring them back, in fact. Tastes and smells. Smells do it so accurately – a hand cream or shampoo or floor cleaner and I can almost see the place from my childhood where I smelled it then. 1,861 more words

Word Tasting Notes

I Need To Start Over

A few days ago I started a new page here on Word Press ( http://thegipsiewonderer.com/blood-stone-by-martha-gipsiecrone-bowman/): I gave it a working title of Blood Stone  and it was going to be a tale of a lost matriarchal kingdom and a young girl at the turn of the 20th Century who finds herself caught up in intrigue and murder. 639 more words

Original Writings

Thistle Farms Products Help Survivors Keep on Surviving

If you ever take an “official” tour of a Whole Foods Market, they’ll spend a fair amount of time telling you about their local product sourcing, organic product mix, and the charities they support- the… 342 more words

Skin Care

C.S. Lewis and the Crisis of a Christian by Gregory S. Cootsona

Courtesy of Netgalley

Description on Netgalley:

C.S. Lewis has long been recognized as a beloved author of children’s literature and an apologist for Christian belief to a skeptical modern world. 465 more words


Magdalene’s Chrysalis by Tawni Waters

I learned sex from a god-man who never 

touched me with his hands,

but came to me in my dreams, 

made my body do things… 296 more words

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