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Soon back in the air and on the roads...

There will be possibilities to meet with me in some exotic places (at least for me as I never travelled there before in May ! 213 more words


As XP Dies Off....

I often say “if it wasn’t for God and Microsoft, the world would be a better place”.  Now XP is on life support, and the plug will be pulled on 8th April 2014. 636 more words

Still working on MondoRescue 3.2 to make it available ASAP

Even if stuff do not progrees at the speed I’d like them to progress (lots of travels on HP side since early 2014 and… 347 more words


Status report

I wrote up some of my experiences this week on the previous post.  This week I made a lot of progress getting my trading disk image working, and the exercise of moving my website from one cloud provider to another, and being able to set things up in one day was encouraging. 539 more words

Please insert the medium named "Core Release"

Assalamualaikum wr  wb

Sebelumnya mau curhat dulu nih, hhe.

Seperti halnya artikel-arikel sebelumnya, saya membahas masalah yang terjadi pada salah satu distro linux yaitu “Mageia”. 174 more words


Linux WiFi: operation not possible due to RF-kill

Hmm .. sebelumnya saya curhat dulu.

Kemarin saya baru saja selesai menginstall salah satu distro “Linux” yaitu , Mageia 4. Setelah installasi tidak ada kendala apa pun , semua berjalan lancar. 301 more words


Install driver VGA ATI Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series

Instalasi driver proprietary

  1. Akses Mageia Control Centre (Tools > System Tools > Mageia Control Centre), dan isi kan password “root” anda.
  2. Klik pada tab “Hardware” dan pada icon ” Set up the graphical server”
  3. 86 more words